Flysurfer Flydoor6 159 x 45cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer Flydoor6 159 x 45cm 2019

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At A Glance

Flysurfers long-standing ‘door’ board, the Flydoor is back in version 6 with fresh new graphics and a unique feel. Still maintaining its ability to get you ripping in super light winds due to the surface area, it has also been designed to suit those who like to mix up their light wind riding with some tricks and stunts.

The core of the board is made to the same impeccable standard as the rest of the Flysurfer range. An ecologically grown Paulownia wood core is sandwiched between a biaxial laminate for torsional stiffness and durability. The Flydoor has a constant rocker line and a double concave base. Both of these features aid the boards upwind ability and feedback through tricks.

The fresh new graphics are protected by the scratch resistant top coat, and as always the accessories supplied lock your foot in tightly and adjust to fit everyone.

Size: 159 x 45

"Packed with enough tech and performance to keep you stoked!"

On The Water

I jumped on this board after shredding on its little brother the Rush for a couple of hours and quickly realised the beauty of this board comes when you slow it down, relax, and just enjoy the ride. Big boards can be seen as outdated, however, they provide an incredible riding experience and the ability to cruise in the lightest of winds.

The off centre fins work well and are super grippy. This feature would allow even new beginners to be able to get out on this board and work on their edging skills without the dreaded loosing of an edge and bouncing downwind. The board flies upwind almost instantaneously, and its size will carry you through any lulls. We did notice that once you do pick up speed, there is quite a bit of spray sent up, so again, slow it down and enjoy the experience.

The toeside edge of the Flydoor6 has rounded tips in comparison to the heel side. This provides a comfortable and smooth pivot point for rail to rail transfers and an easier toe side experience.

The light wind ability of this board is truly remarkable and is certainly a more realistic option to increase your low-end kitesurf limit. Of course, generate enough speed, and you are also able to throw the Flydoor6 around for some fun jumps and spins; the board certainly does not feel as big as it is. You won’t be launching into the latest wakestyle moves but you will have a blast playing around, and you can certainly unhook with it if you want to.

No issues through chop or in the surf, but do be aware this is still a big board so trying to throw it around quickly will require some serious muscle!


The Flydoor6 is a great fun bit of kit, which provides a unique chilled kite vibe and allows you to shred in the lightest breeze. Brilliant for both beginners and experts alike, it provides a slow ride but packs enough tech and performance to keep you stoked!


This review was in Issue 74 of IKSURFMAG.

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