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4 weeks ago

Andrea Principi heading into the stratosphere...

2 months ago

When the Cold Hawaii Games return this fall, it will be with a new, big partner. The Big Air competition will be an official part...

2 months ago

Lords of Tram 2024 - The best Big Air riders in the world will hit Barcares, France for the first Big Air event of the...

2 months ago

Step into the world of Andrea Principi! In his latest video, he talks us through not one but three competitions in 2023: the GKA World...

2 months ago

Best Kitesurfing Brand of 2023 CORE Kiteboarding rocked it and came out on top as the Best Kitesurfing Brand of 2023! In a tight competition...

2 months ago

Get set for the 2024 Red Bull Megaloop! Watch the top 16 kiteboarding legends dare to battle stormy conditions with exhilarating wind speeds of 35...

3 months ago

Andrea Principi spotted sessioning at Balneario, Tarifa and Vilca capturing the action!

3 months ago

Dive into the thrilling world of Big Air Kitesurfing with the highly anticipated Fight For Flight docuseries! Check out the first episode, and don’t forget...

3 months ago

Join the talented Baptiste Bourdoulous as he returns to his summer playground, where years of training have honed his skills to perfection. This year, Baptiste...