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2 weeks ago

The Space X kitesurfing crew invited 7 pro riders to battle for a €250 prize. The highest jump wins! Who do you reckon took the...

3 weeks ago

The BAKL crew, including Cohan van Dijk, Lorenzo Casati, Jesse Richman, Kimo Verkerk, Tim Walsh, and Tomas Aguirre, flew all the way to Maui, the...

3 weeks ago

Twenty-four of the best big air riders from around the world gathered at arguably the best spot in the world to battle it out in...

4 weeks ago

Rewatch Round 1 of the 2024 Full Power Tarifa - Lorenzo Casati Vs. Cohan Van Dijk Vs. Nathan Texier!

2 months ago

Watch Jamie Overbeek in action at Lords of Tram 2024!

4 months ago

Get set for the 2024 Red Bull Megaloop! Watch the top 16 kiteboarding legends dare to battle stormy conditions with exhilarating wind speeds of 35...

5 months ago

Watch Cohan van Dijk and Evan Klijn go head-to-head in a freestyle game of KITE! Although there was barely enough wind to ride, they had...

5 months ago

The plan was to film a banger 2023 full length part; the execution... Knot Perfect. - Alexander Lewis-Hughes. We guarantee you'll be entertained for the...

5 months ago

Dive into the thrilling world of Big Air Kitesurfing with the highly anticipated Fight For Flight docuseries! Check out the first episode, and don’t forget...