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20 hours ago

Double Trouble! Luca Ceruti and Cohan van Dijk nail a synchronised double loop!

1 week ago

Ah, one of our favourite sections from the Naish House movie - The Mangroves at Barra Grande! Continuing a 14-year legacy, riders from the Naish…

2 weeks ago

Naish House returns! Continuing a 14-year legacy, riders from the Naish Kiteboarding team embark on an adventure packed with freestyle, freeride and big air kitesurfing…

2 weeks ago

In case you missed it, the BAKL's final stop in Cape Town was mental, and everyone went MASSIVE! Steven Akkersdijk filmed the riders to analyse…

3 weeks ago

BIG NEWS AT THE NORTH HQS! North invitation of Dutch Big Air Pro Cohan Van Dijk to the International Team has boosted the young rider's…

2 months ago

Strap in – this is a long one and well worth it! Join the Naish crew for an epic adventure in the lagoons of Brazil,…

2 months ago

With extreme conditions and a fleet of exceptional young talent, the 2022 Red Bull King of the Air was a powder keg waiting to explode…

2 months ago

It's time to hear it from the king. Lorenzo Casati has just released World of Loren- Episode 3 - 11 minutes of pure stoke.

3 months ago

KOTA 2022 is just around the corner! This year, North Kiteboarding and Red Bull King of the Air are partnering to celebrate their 10th anniversary…