Jamie Overbeek

Jamie Overbeek

Pro Rider | 654

12 hours ago

Jaime Overbeek shares a super session on his Ozone Edge V10 7.0, including kiteloop tic-tac, kiteloop boardflip, kiteloop boardoffs and kiteloop backroll boardoff!

2 weeks ago

13-year-old Jamie Overbeek started his kiteboarding career when he was just nine years old. He's been riding for Ozone for the past 9 months -…

3 months ago

Jamie Overbeek, 5 knots of wind and his 18m Ozone R1!

3 months ago

Side offshore, 25-35 knots, gusty winds, but Jamie had to get one last session in before the lockdown!

4 months ago

Check out 13-year-old Jamie Overbeek in Langebaan, South Africa.

4 months ago

Watch 13-year-0ld Jamie Overbeek's 2020 Red Bull Megaloop Challenge entry video and let us know what you think!

8 months ago

13-year-old Dutch shredder, Jamie Overbeek got his hands on the Ozone Edge V10 8.0 - watch this!

9 months ago

One of the last warm-ish sessions for 14-year-old Dutch shredder, Jamie Overbeek in Holland. He managed to get in some nice kiteloops at his homespot…

10 months ago

Keep an eye out for this kid! 13-year-old Dutch shredder Jamie Overbeek sending it last weekend.

10 months ago

13-year-old Dutch Shredder Jamie Overbeek goes foiling in literally close-to-zero wind! How far must the wind drop before hydrofoiling is a no go? We think…

11 months ago

13-year-old Dutch shredder Jamie Overbeek is a young soul with some old school tricks... watch this!

1 year ago

Watch 13-year-old Dutch shredder Jamie Overbeek on his Flysurfer  Sonic 2  and 15m SOUL!


Jamie Overbeek athlete, kitesurfer, snowkiter,hydrofoiler kitelandboarder. 01/04/2016 Flying small kites at the age of six, a passion for kiting developped. I discovered landboarding in may 2015 on Rømø. Eversince kiting is my passion. I specialise in air style, big air megaloops and foiling. I can count on the support of Ozone kites, Kitereisen.com, Globalkiteapparel. My goal is to keep continuing getting better and ride along with and learn from the best. Kitesurfing Kitelandboarding Foling Snowkiting Longboard kiting Sportsperson

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