Jamie Overbeek

Jamie Overbeek

Pro Rider | 886

2 weeks ago

Jamie Overbeek goes MENTAL in his latest edit - 40-50+ knot winds; when was the last time you had a looping session like this one?!…

4 weeks ago

Jamie Overbeek swaps his twintip for a landboard and still makes it look as effortless as possible! Snow and water are forgiving to a certain…

1 month ago

Jamie Overbeek sending it to the moon and back in his latest edit! Every once in a while you hit that pot of gold, and…

2 months ago

Jamie Overbeek shows off what you can do on a foil kite in minimal wind... I often get asked why I fly foil kites, the…

2 months ago

Jamie Overbeek lives for an old school session, regardless of the conditions!

2 months ago

A literally electrifying session from the Overbeek brothers in the Netherlands. Mother nature delivered them an April curveball with hail and a little too much…

2 months ago

Sean and Jamie Overbeek team up in this one loopiong over a sandbar on short lines, big kiteloop board offs on long lines and airstyle…

3 months ago

Foil kites are a rare sight at most water kite spots, which means that most of us have no idea what one can achieve on…

3 months ago

When the wind blows, you know that it's time to smash that personal best! Jamie Overbeek makes a pit stop at Workum on his way…

4 months ago

A warm and windy winter day made for perfect conditions for a landboarding session. Check out the action with Jamie Overbeek in his latest video!

4 months ago

Dutch spot Workum was working for the Overbeek brothers during this winter session! Check out this behind the scenes clip of a session at Workum…

5 months ago

After searching for perfect big air conditions all over The Netherlands, they found it at a spot close to home. In Third Time's A Charm,…

Issue 84

The new Ozone Enduro V3 has some new hardware on the leading edge. Their 'Variable Bridle Geometry' system allows an easy, single point adjustment to change the shape of the kite for various styles of riding. Find out more about it here!

6 months ago

Jamie Overbeek athlete, Big Air kitesurfer, snowkiter,hydrofoiler kitelandboarder.

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