Jamie Overbeek

Jamie Overbeek

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5 days ago

Kevin Langeree's 10th King of the Air was a rollercoaster ride! For him, keeping up with riders half his age motivates him, and he also…

6 days ago

It's time to hear it from the king. Lorenzo Casati has just released World of Loren- Episode 3 - 11 minutes of pure stoke.

1 week ago

Meet Porsche Golden Ticket candidate #3, Jamie Overbeek! If anyone deserves this ticket... it's Jamie! We can't wait to see him at this year's Red…

3 weeks ago

KOTA 2022 is just around the corner! This year, North Kiteboarding and Red Bull King of the Air are partnering to celebrate their 10th anniversary…

4 weeks ago

Jamie Overbeek sending it into the stratosphere in this one - watch this!

1 month ago

Watch Jamie Overbeek turn low-wind, no-go sessions into training sessions!

1 month ago

Here's some pretty wild footage of Jamie Overbeek's first session on the new Ozone Enduro V4! Double loops, you can't do without them these days.…

1 month ago

Overbeek heads to Denmark to train and score some points for the WOO Worlds 2022. Did the conditions meet his expectations? I think the thumbnail…

2 months ago

It's the news Big Air fans around the world have been waiting for... the list of riders who will compete in the upcoming 2022 Red…

2 months ago

Seeing more and more KOTA entries is getting us pretty stoked! It's not easy to cram your best footage into one minute. Check out Jamie…

2 months ago

Jaime Overbeek shares this session at Krikvig Denmark and reminds us what big air has always been about: height, extremity, risk, and variation!

2 months ago

What an event - Watch Jamie Overbeek's Cold Hawaii Big Air Highlights here. Once again, the Cold Hawaii Games lived up to the expectations of…

Issue 95

Find out what’s happening in the world of wind in On The Fly! Check out features on the Bahamas and Scotland, talk big air with Jamie Overbeek, hear from Denis Makolkin on kiting injuries, and find out about the Fabric of Kitesurfing History with Louise Hadlow. There’s world records, new gear, and more, in On The Fly!

2 months ago
Issue 94

Hydrofoil big air is an emerging discipline that has gained momentum thanks to evolving technology, new foil competitions, and pioneers like the young and talented Jamie Overbeek. In this article, Jamie takes us on a walk through the world of big air foiling!

4 months ago
Issue 92

Your choices matter in kiteboarding. Whether it's who you voted for in our Readers Awards, what gear you spend your money on, or how you engage with rider and brand content online, your decisions fuel the industry. Read more, and hear from your Readers Awards winners in this IKSURFMAG feature by editor Crystal Veness!

8 months ago
Issue 89

Get a glimpse of what’s going on in the world of kite. This issue, we go beyond the cover with Ozzy, behind the design with Airwave, and check in on the event scene to keep you up to date and in the know! Read all about it in IKSURFMAG’s On The Fly!

1 year ago
Issue 84

The new Ozone Enduro V3 has some new hardware on the leading edge. Their 'Variable Bridle Geometry' system allows an easy, single point adjustment to change the shape of the kite for various styles of riding. Find out more about it here!

2 years ago

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