Jamie Overbeek

Jamie Overbeek

Pro Rider | 770

3 days ago

Jamie Overbeek getting his kiteloop and boogieloop boardoffs dialled in!

1 week ago

We've seen some impressive big air video's by Jamie Overbeek lately, but does he have what it takes to claim a spot at the 2021…

2 weeks ago

A name that is starting to make the rounds in the international kiteboarding community is Jamie Overbeek. Being only 14 years old, this Dutch up…

2 weeks ago

Jamie Overbeek sending it on his new gear on a rainy and gloomy day in the Netherlands!

3 weeks ago

14-year-old, Dutch grom, Jamie Overbeek has been getting some impressive WOO scores on his Ozone Edge V10 7.0 lately including a 31.4, 29.1 and 28.2m.

4 weeks ago

The day after Jamie Overbeek smashed his PB with a 30m+ jump, he heads out for a chilled session on his 13m Ozone Chrono V3

1 month ago

A PB of 31.4 for 13-year-old Ozone shredder Jamie Overbeek!

1 month ago

13 & 16-year-old Danish riders, Jamie and Sean Overbeek test out Ozone's latest Enduro V3. For more information on Ozone's Enduro V3, please click here.

2 months ago

The Cold Hawaii Games 2020 saw pumping conditions, but after that, the wind died, making it perfect for Jamie Overbeek to enjoy a couple of…

3 months ago

The expectations were high to the homeboy Nick Jacobsen at the first Cold Hawaii Big Air. But it was three flying dutchmen who flew away…

3 months ago

Jamie Overbeek looping his Ozone Chrono V3 9.0. It's radical and tricky, most go well some go wrong. Watch the end for a gnarly crash.…

3 months ago

Jamie Overbeek sessioning this weekend on his Appletree board and Ozone foils over flat water!


Jamie Overbeek athlete, kitesurfer, snowkiter,hydrofoiler kitelandboarder. Flying small kites at the age of six, a passion for kiting developped. I discovered landboarding in may 2015 on Rømø. Eversince kiting is my passion. I specialise in air style, big air megaloops and foiling. I can count on the support of Ozone kites, Kitereisen.com, Globalkiteapparel. My goal is to keep continuing getting better and ride along with and learn from the best. Kitesurfing Kitelandboarding Foling Snowkiting Longboard kiting Sportsperson

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