Jamie Overbeek

Jamie Overbeek

Pro Rider

3 days ago

There's a reason why Ozone's R1V4 is Jamie Overbeek's go-to kite. Hitting 25m+ on the WOO leaderboard and 17+ sec hangtime... This machine challenges the…

6 days ago

Watch Jamie Overbeek braving the Dutch winter conditions, wearing whatever extra neoprene he could get his hands-on and hitting the water in FULL SEND mode!

2 weeks ago

After searching for perfect big air conditions all over The Netherlands, they found it at a spot close to home. Follow the windy adventures of…

1 month ago

Here's a taste of what Jamie Overbeek sessions look like! When the conditions are good, the conditions are challenging, gusty, choppy, rainy and cold and…

2 months ago

Regardless of what the wind's plans are, Jamie Overbeek will still be on the water!

2 months ago

Ozone team riders Sean and Jamie Overbeek know a thing or two when it comes to Big Air - see for yourself! Big air has…

3 months ago

Challenging, choppy, gusty and colder, but Autumn does deliver some of the best sessions in the Netherlands - see for yourself!

4 months ago

With winds gusting 60 knots and 4m waves,  the 2021 Cold Hawaii Games was one to remember! Check out World Of Whaley² - Episode 3,…

4 months ago

With gusts hitting 60 knots, the Cold Hawaii Games got a little mental this year - Watch Jaime Overbeek send it to the moon and…

4 months ago

Jo Ciastula recaps the GKA Distance Battle, talks with Kiko Roig Torres about the conditions and competition in Sylt, shows you some behind-the-scenes moments and…

5 months ago

Check out Jamie Overbeek's 2021 Lords of Tram entry video right here! The event will be held from 9th - 17th October in Gruissan. So…

5 months ago

Jamie Overbeek just got back from Zandmotor at Kijkduin and shared the highlights with us - watch this!

Issue 89

Get a glimpse of what’s going on in the world of kite. This issue, we go beyond the cover with Ozzy, behind the design with Airwave, and check in on the event scene to keep you up to date and in the know! Read all about it in IKSURFMAG’s On The Fly!

3 months ago
Issue 84

The new Ozone Enduro V3 has some new hardware on the leading edge. Their 'Variable Bridle Geometry' system allows an easy, single point adjustment to change the shape of the kite for various styles of riding. Find out more about it here!

1 year ago

Jamie Overbeek athlete, Big Air kitesurfer, snowkiter,hydrofoiler kitelandboarder.

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