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2 days ago

In this tutorial, Steven Akkersdijk talks us through the steps to nail your very first backroll hand drag; the perfect trick to try when you have…

3 days ago

There is no denying that these kids are next level! Enjoy the next generation ripping up the waters of Tumbao, Tarifa, during the Qatar Airways…

1 week ago

If you follow these steps from Steven Akkersdijk, you should be able to launch and land your kite from a catamaran or boat a bit…

2 weeks ago

SUNDAY FUNDAY - Time to learn something new with Steven Akkersdijk! Filming: Jos Denis-Robichaud

3 weeks ago

How much space Steven Akkersdijk actually needs when he foils! Filming: Jos Denis-Robichaud Gear: CORE Nexus3, 16m lines and 1000cm CORE SLC

3 weeks ago

The dust has settled, and the 2022 Kite Park League Team Battle is complete, and with it comes a new standard for competitive park riding.…

3 weeks ago

Here's a good one to try this weekend, and with these simple steps, it'll be a trick you do for years to come! Steven Akkersdijk…

3 weeks ago

Power, speed and manoeuvrability are all perfectly balanced in the moderate aspect-ratio profile that's been finely tuned to keep both front and flow stalls to…

4 weeks ago

There is so much happening in this video that we have no idea where to begin! So sit back, relax and enjoy 'Going Crazy Fast…