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1 day ago

Ben Beholz shares some words of advice for any rider trying to nail a new trick - check it out!

3 days ago

In Steven Akkersdijk's latest episode of SA Masterclass, he shares his top tips on 'how to jump higher'. This video is focussed on flat water,…

6 days ago

#KitersInIsolation, have you watched Death of Park yet? Filmed across the 2019 Kite Park League season, Death of Park takes you from smooth Hatteras winds…

1 week ago

Gabby Pioraite squeezing in one last session before the lockdown...

1 week ago

Ben Behloz's just dropped his latest episode of FREISTIEL SERIES #54, straight from Switzerland!

1 week ago

Make the best of the current situation and learn new just with visualisation! Use these steps to break down and practise a trick so you'll…

2 weeks ago

How's YOUR lockdown going?

2 weeks ago

It's #WipeoutWednesday and Ben Beholz just released his latest episode of RIP SERIES #006, showing the struggles of learning a new trick.

2 weeks ago

The riders line up for this year's Red Bull Megaloop has been announced. Last month, the first 12 invited riders were already announced and to…