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1 day ago

The World is Not Ready... Over the past fourteen years, the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational has changed the way we think about kiteboarding and kiteboarding…

2 days ago

Check out Jakob Nilsson's Red Bull King Of The Air 2020 video entry and let us know what you think!

3 days ago

What can be said about the 15-year-old three-time Freestyle World Champion who two weeks ago decided to train to compete in her first strapless freestyle…

4 days ago

Round one of the men's single elimination has kicked-off and we're in for a treat. The strong and smooth wind of Prea is already inspiring…

7 days ago

Dutch shredder, Ryan de Witte knows a thing or two when it comes to big air! Check out his 2020 King of The Air entry…

1 week ago

In Ben Beholz latest episode of FREISTIEL, he joins the jumping-off-a-hill hype and asks, is this part of kiteboarding or is it just plain dangerous?…

2 weeks ago

Snowkite season is ON!

2 weeks ago

Get ready for two huge final events - A Brazilian bonanza in November! It is going to be incredible - with the finals of both the…

3 weeks ago

A glimpse of what The Kiteboarding Brothers got up to in Brazil!


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