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2 days ago

Born to fly, CORE's Roamer wingboard line is designed to meet all the challenges of modern wingfoiling with its instant forward drive and stable feel.…

3 days ago

Watch the SpaceX Kitesurfing crew send it 35 knots!

1 week ago

Evan Klijn takes on the waves at Misty Cliffs in his latest vlog - will he be able to go over 30m? You'll need to…

2 weeks ago

Ben Beholz arrives in Tarifa in his latest vlog. Ben scores the session he's been craving and shares some top tips if you plan to…

2 weeks ago

The WCKA holds a school competition named after the student who won the previous quarter's competition every quarter. Students can test their limits through healthy…

2 weeks ago

In case you missed it, the BAKL's final stop in Cape Town was mental, and everyone went MASSIVE! Steven Akkersdijk filmed the riders to analyse…

2 weeks ago

The first Wingfoil range from CORE has finally been released after over two years of development! As Willow River Tonkin explains in this video, CORE…

2 weeks ago

Landing toeside is an easy trick to learn after you've mastered the backroll - check out these tips from Steven Akkersdijk's latest Kiteboarding SA Masterclass…

3 weeks ago

Hold onto your hats because Evan Klijn is going BIG - High loops, short lines, and even competing at the BAKL. Grab a seat, and…