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4 days ago

Denis Rothen proving that Switzerland should be on your potential kiteboarding destination list!

1 week ago

Ben Beholz shows off the latest addition to his quiver!

1 week ago

After being on lockdown, naturally, Joshua Emanuel was craving some adrenaline! Scored some decent wind and the right tide and decided a little send was in…

2 weeks ago

Lockdown is finally over, and Sean Davoust takes us on a session in Western Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

2 weeks ago

Sitting down on the foil  isn't as hard as it looks, and in this episode of SA Masterclass, Steven Akkersdijk talks us through it!

3 weeks ago

Get high with Mike How To Take Off Like a PRO is OUT! In this video, Mike shares his recipe for a powerful, explosive take-off.…

3 weeks ago

The GKA Kite World Tour, like almost every sporting event of the planet, has been put on hold due to the worldwide pandemic but that…

3 weeks ago

At the beginning of March, three of the World Tour riders; Arthur Guillebert, Val Garat and Louka Pitot, decided to take a trip to Los…

3 weeks ago

Just in case you haven't been out for a session today, Mike's got you covered.