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6 days ago

Steven Akkersdijk talks us through the forward send jump in this SA Masterclass quick tutorial. This is a jumping variation that I've enjoyed a lot…

1 week ago

Spot the seal!

1 week ago

Get your daily dose of stoke with 'Get High with Mike'!

1 week ago

Ready to see something different? Today we're bringing you a brand new vlog by Ben Beholz, with nothing but pure kiteboarding bliss!

2 weeks ago

Carving vs Edging - What is the difference? Steven Akkerdijk explains it in his latest SA Masterclass tutorial!

2 weeks ago

Steven Akkersdijk cruising the slicks of the OBX.

3 weeks ago

It's the womens turn! The 'Women’s Move of the Year Award' will be won by the female kitesurfer who demonstrates the most advanced and committed…

3 weeks ago

Ben Beholz just dropped his latest vlog from the stunning Lake Como in RAW Series #003. Enjoy!

3 weeks ago

'Get High with Mike' compares CORE 12-year-old XR2 to the brand new XR8. Do we have your attention? Hear all the evolution of this kite…