Andre Phillip

Andre Phillip

Pro Rider

8 months ago

YOU'VE GOT TO WATCH THIS! One of the iconic films that today's Freestyle generation often reminisce about fondly. Sam Light goes all out in this...

6 years ago

Jake Kelsick & Megan Grant have built a kicker out in Antigua to session in the blazing sunshine. We're not jealous at all! Took us...

7 years ago

Perfect for your Monday evening watch this feature length Cabrinha film from 12 years ago! Incredible to see what the likes of Andre Phillip could...

7 years ago

It’s not often you get gifted a full feature film in this world. Thankfully Tom Court and the crew have your back and this is...

8 years ago

The name of the contest- The Triple-S, which stands for Slicks, Sliders, and Surf- is now just a throwback to the early days. Building on...

8 years ago

HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS! The Freeride Project 3 just dropped! Feast your eyes and enjoy the ride as Tom Court, Sam Light, James Boulding and...

8 years ago

Ever wonder how the pros get all those amazing shots with their GoPro's? Jake Kelsick talks you through all his favourite accessories, make sure you...

8 years ago

Slingshot have a roster of riders that deserve attention, when you get them all together in one of the best locations on the planet you...

9 years ago

Why not start your morning with this rather stunning edit from the Slingshot crew in Barra Grande, Brazil. This edit features the whole crew including...

10 years ago

MaiTai is a gathering of extraordinary entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes. Participants contribute their energy to a shared experience centered around the kiting lifestyle & philanthropic...

10 years ago

When you put a roster of riders like this into a movie, and then have them go and shred one of the most iconic wakestyle...

10 years ago

Still the most stylish kitesurfer on the planet in my eyes, check out Andre Phillip having a solo session at one of his secret spots...

Issue 104

Kelly Slater, Ricky Carmichael and Michael Jordan are all considered The Greatest Of All Time in their respective sports, but who is the GOAT in kiteboarding? Click here to find out; some of the names might surprise you!

3 weeks ago
Issue 57

It’s that time of year when everyone who is anyone in the world of kite park riding heads to Real Watersports in Cape Hatteras to take on the slider park! Find out who won right here!

8 years ago
Issue 51

The Triple S has just celebrated its tenth anniversary, what started as a twinkly in the eye of the pioneers in Cape Hatteras has grown to become one of the biggest competitions on the face of the planet!

9 years ago
Issue 12

Christian and Karine are away on holiday so we enlisted the help of the professionals to get you your fix in our biggest technique section ever.

15 years ago
Issue 11

A definition of style, Andre has been one of the most influential riders ever since he started kiteboarding. He carves his own path in a direction he is passionate about, wakestyle.

16 years ago

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