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8 months ago

The 2019 RPM has dropped. We made some key changes to the kite to better suit it for today's riding styles.

Super fun as always to work on this project with Patrick Wieland, we have some fun making these videos!


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1 year ago

2019 Slingshot Kite Asylum is out today. Love this board just as much as the day it came out, perhaps one of my favorite graphics as well.
Video: Patrick Wieland

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1 year ago

One of the hottest kites in the Slingshot Kite lineup. This is one you won't want to miss!

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1 year ago

Time to nerd out on the 2019 Misfit! Super fun to write & produce. Patrick Wieland killing it with the edit! Slingshot Kite

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1 year ago

One of our most popular kites ever, looking better than ever!

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1 year ago

Such a rich history in kiteboarding. Extremely stoked and honored to have played a role or a chapter in this long book.


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2 years ago

Carlos Mario pens a love letter to kiteboarding. Along the road to the top of our sport, Carlos has experienced it all. From the good to the bad, it has made the journey all the more special. No matter who you are or what role you play; we are all connected, intrinsically co-dependent, and hooked together for the love of kiteboarding. Its this love that has gotten Carlos to where he is today. Where will he will be tomorrow? Most likely out on the water kiteboarding.

I can't think of a better person to stand up and represent our sport. When Bebe first came(burst) onto the scene, there were doubters. People said that he couldn't ride anywhere else other than Brazil, people said that he dangled, people said that he had a weird style. Well as you should have learned by now; they don't know shot. Haha. As the years have passed it would be hard for you to find someone that doesn't like bebe or his riding. Even the toughest of critics find his riding almost impeccable. His fiercest of rivals just let out a breath of exasperation when you mention competing against him.

It would be perfectly fine if Bebe were just an athelete. Many people before him in many different sports have relied on talent and talent alone to guide them in life, but not bebe. Bebe and his aspirations look to help the next generation and onward. Discussions of wanting to clean up the world, starting with his own back yard in caiupe lead us to his next immediate project of mentoring future brazilian rippers. Bebe has an entire fleet of kids from the lagoon he calls home and surrounding areas that are under his wing and his watchful eye as he looks to guide them in kiteboarding and in life.

I think about how lucky I am to have kiteboarding in my life, and I know that Carlos feels the same way, but I think moreover kiteboarding is lucky to have him.

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2 years ago

Learn more about all the tech that goes into the Slingshot Kite 2018 RPM! Some amazing drone shots in this! Patrick Wieland

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2 years ago

Worked hard in Brazil and here is the final result, We're All Hooked.

Kiteboarding has always been about freedom and the RPM has always been a celebration of that mentality. For the first time, Carlos Mario gives us a true, up close and personal experience of what riding this kite is really like. He launches the 2018 RPM with a few familiar faces in the place that started it all for him, Brazil.

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2 years ago

Year 3 Ride Engine is officially available. We worked tirelessly on these new harnesses, from how they fit and functioned all the way to how they looked. Truly our best harness ever and The Last Harness You Need.

A filibuster on an endless search for inspiration...

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Weapon of choice for freestyle and Air Games World Champ Carlos Mario - Alex Fox talks us through what NEW for 2020! Slingshot added a…

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Slingshot continues to experiment with new shapes, new toys and new technologies - all to find the next great adventure. Check out their 2020 product…

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In this tech video, Alex Fox talks us through the 'entirely new and rebuilt' 2020 Celero FR. Designed for versatility and reliability in all conditions,…

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Alex Fox talks us through the freestyle / freeride crossover board - Slingshot's Refraction! Designed for maximum boost, load and pop and aggressive riding in…

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For 2020, the NEWLY designed Misfit Twin Tip kiteboard keeps its Koroyd tips but now has an updated tip and tail profile. Riders will experience…

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It's #throwbackthursday, and we're taking you back to 2015. A year after Carlos Mario joined the Slingshot team, Alex Fox caught up with Carlos in…

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Yesss! It's edits like this one that make you want to drop everything you're doing, and just go kiting! There is so much beautiful wild…

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Once you learn to foil, there's no telling what conditions you may find yourself in. Slingshot's Hover Guild is the gateway that connects all disciplines.…

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Sam Ligh's VLOG #18 is out! In this episode, he takes on a bar challenge from Windsurf Brand Manager, Wyatt Miller who bet Alex Fox and Sam…

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It's #throwbackthursday and we're taking you back to 2015. Sam Light and Alex Fox ventured to the stunning flat water lagoons of Brazil to deliver…

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The Asylum is BACK and CRAZIER than ever! Only a prescription would help you ride longer, jump higher, pop harder and leave your session more…

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