Alex Fox

Alex Fox

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1 month ago

The UFO is Slingshot’s all-new, first-ever strutless kite - Are you prepared for out-of-this-world foil performance? The all-new UFO will take you there—and beyond—as the…

4 months ago

Slingshot is positive we will be shredding soon!  We noticed that our community is fully engaged online, educating and dreaming of what shredding again means…

8 months ago

Designed from the ground up to be light, simple, and insanely fun to fly, Slingshot's Ghost V1 is one of the most exciting new kites…

8 months ago

Slingshot's 2020 Vision! Completely rebuilt and redesigned, the Vision twin tip with a new focus in mind; create the highest performance twin tip for the…

8 months ago

From trusted icons to brand-new designs, our 2020 line showcases our commitment at Slingshot to innovate and deliver the very best kiteboarding equipment for all…

9 months ago

Slingshot Sports is excited to announce the addition of Willem Hooft to their kitesurfing team. Hailing from the Netherlands, Willem is one of the elite…

10 months ago

Kite Foil Academy is a comprehensive online instructional course designed for user-friendly foiling progression. The course utilises Slingshot’s multi-mast Foiling Flight School system and Hover…

11 months ago

Alex Fox talks us through Slingshot's original zero-to-hero board designed to get the masses up, foiling and having fun as quickly as possible. New for…

12 months ago

Alex Fox tells us all about Slingshot's 2020 Hover Glide FKite package. Equipped with the bat-like Space Skate 65cm front wing, this setup is stable…

1 year ago

Sam Light and Alex Fox give us a quick talk through on Slingshot's latest 2020 foils and boards in this video, find out more about…

1 year ago

Weapon of choice for freestyle and Air Games World Champ Carlos Mario - Alex Fox talks us through what NEW for 2020! Slingshot added a…

1 year ago

Slingshot continues to experiment with new shapes, new toys and new technologies - all to find the next great adventure. Check out their 2020 product…

Issue 70

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 years ago
Issue 68

A new feature looking at the science behind the sport, this issue we shine the spotlight on the humble twin tip, are they more than just planks of wood? Find out right here in our Industry Spotlight feature on the humble twin tip!

2 years ago
Issue 58

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

4 years ago
Issue 52

Lindsay McClure heads to the Slingshot factory in Hood River to see how bringing manufacturing back home has improved their business model and what the brand have in store for the future!

5 years ago
Issue 42

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

7 years ago
Issue 41

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

7 years ago

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