Katie Potter

Katie Potter

Pro Rider

6 months ago

Well, that's it, folks; the 2023 KPL season has come to an end - Watch the Kite Park League 2023 highlights here with Xander Raith,...

9 months ago

Drone moments by Alexander Lewis-Hughes featuring Ramiro Gallart, Ewan Jaspan, Katie Potter, Noe Font, Brendan Kerr, Xander Raith - Check it out!

9 months ago

Claiming 2nd place was Team ICE, captained by Xander Raith, along with Katie Potter, Tim Walsh, Ian Daly, and Asher Clarke - Watch the full...

1 year ago

Ewan Jaspan just released this banger edit from his 2022 Hood River escapades; enjoy! Filmed by: Long Lens/ Other Contributors: Lauren Holman, Katie Potter, Jack...

1 year ago

The Naish crew, including Ewan Jaspan, Tim Walsh, Austin Kalama, Katie Potter, Chuck Patterson, Ray Borg, and Tom Seager, headed down to REAL Watersports, America's...

2 years ago

The dust has settled, and the 2022 Kite Park League Team Battle is complete, and with it comes a new standard for competitive park riding....

2 years ago

A 14-day of quarantine doesn't sound too bad when paradise is at the finish line! When Kit Griffiths invited Oswald Smith, Ewan Jaspan, Katie Potter,...

3 years ago

Join Alexander Lewis-Hughes as he judges a game between Katie Potter and Nathalie Lambrecht as they go head to head in the first K.F. Game...

3 years ago

Episode two is out, and in this one, Ramiro took it into his own hands to trim down many hours of footage exactly how he...

3 years ago

14-days of quarantine doesn't sound too bad when this is at the finish line! Kit invited the crew to Turks and Caicos, they went ahead...

3 years ago

Katie Potter and Helena Brochocka show off Naish Kiteboarding's latest Alana board! With input from the team and extensive testing with all of Naish's female...

3 years ago

Ahh, finally, some good park action! Knot Future just released their latest vid ft. Ewan Jaspan, Noe Font, Ramiro Gallart, Katie Potter, Brandon Scheid, Brendan...

Issue 103

Treat your eyes to some tasty kiteboarding imagery! Lightroom is where we showcase some of the best images we receive each issue… check it out!

4 months ago
Issue 101

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, which means these pictures are worth 10,000! Check out 10 epic images that will transport you to windy paradises around the world in Lightroom Issue #101!

8 months ago
Issue 88

Leaving travel plans to the last minute is like rolling the dice. If you’re willing to gamble, you might just get lucky. On a mission to get to the USA, with time running out and no clue how to get there, this crew struck gold with a trip to Turks & Caicos! Click here to read the article!

3 years ago
Issue 57

Lindsay McClure chats to Katie Potter, the talented rider from Down Under to find out her plans!

8 years ago

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