Reno Romeu

Reno Romeu

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17 hours ago

Whooop - The all-new Rebel SLS  has arrived! For 2022, the Rebel got the 'Stronger Lighter Superior' treatment to create the best big air and high…

1 week ago

Reno Romeu casually jumping over a 126 ft yacht in Greece, no biggie.

1 week ago

Duotone just released their 2022 Foil Spirit SLS! The Spirit SLS shows incredible manoeuvrability and offers surprising stability at high speeds, making it a fast…

4 weeks ago

Reno Romeu shares his weekend views!

1 month ago

Duotone's ultimate freestyle and freeride board has arrived, and it's is even lighter, more responsive, and more fun to ride, thanks to the SLS construction!…

2 months ago

The completely new Juice D/LAB is the apex predator of lightwind kites. At the top of the food chain, without a doubt, the lightest in…

3 months ago

Ever been to Fuerteventura? Reno Romeu takes us behind the scenes on his Duotone Evo SLS 2021 photoshoot with Carlos Guzman behind the lens. 0:00…

3 months ago

Are you ready for The De Havilland Beaver Episode II? Join Tom Hebert, Reno Romeu and Shayne McAuley on this truly spectacular adventure through the…

3 months ago

In the latest episode of #CourtInTheAct, Tom Court is in Tarifa supporting the Duotone team for the first stop of the GKA World Freestyle Tour.…

4 months ago

Reno Romeu shares his personal opinion on Duotone Kiteboarding's 2021 Rebel and Evo SLS regarding freeride, jumping, kiteloops, foiling, wakestyle, and wave riding. Got any…

5 months ago

Now here's one you get on the BIG screen! It's the year 2019, we've only seen global pandemics in movies and travel restrictions isn't anything…

5 months ago

Reno Romeu is at again and this time he's flying over a rock pier at Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Issue 83

This was the mantra on the Duotone shoot in Fuerteventura this summer, with only 12 days to get all the shots for the new boards and kites, it was a non-stop mission to ensure success! Luckily they scored some great waves and wind too!

1 year ago
Issue 77

Join Colleen Carroll as she takes a ridiculously long flight to go and explore the wilds of Namibia joining the Duotone team and getting well and truly off the beaten track!

2 years ago
Issue 66

Sleep, who needs it? Colleen Carroll and fellow North teammates Reno Romeu and Matchu Lopez tear through wild New Zealand. They find beauty in spades and sessions for all, sacrificing sleep for an unforgettable journey!

4 years ago
Issue 64

As kitesurfers, we travel, it’s in our nature to seek and explore, and that next spot could be the best one ever, you never know until you go!

4 years ago
Issue 40

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

8 years ago
Issue 32

Mallory De La Villemarque takes a trip to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil to see what Reno Romeu is always going on about.

10 years ago
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11 years ago

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