Reno Romeu

Reno Romeu

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1 month ago

IT’S OFFICIAL! Qatar Airways and GKA Kite World Tour just announced a long-term partnership that will make them the official airline partner of the World…

1 month ago

In this Duotone Academy tutorial, Reno Romeu walks us through a (hooked) one-foot drag! Steps Initiate a pop Twist your body Front foot out Initiate…

2 months ago

Watch Reno Romeu's video tutorial on how to master One Foot Drags - on the Duotone App! Steps Initiate a pop Twist your body Front…

2 months ago

It's Friday, and we've got a new trick lined up for you to try this weekend! Duotone Academy just released their latest tutorial on nailing…

2 months ago

Get fit for the season is the latest video competition by Porsche X Duotone! This time, it's all about working out, preparing for the kiteboarding…

3 months ago

Duotone just released the 2022 Mono -they’re one-strut freeride and foiling kite. Over the years, the Mono has seen a lot of development; for 2022;…

3 months ago

Have you ever kited at Lago das Cangalhas? Situated in the very north of Ceará State, Brazil, Pedro Matos & Reno Romeu go kiteboarding there…

4 months ago

Reno Romeu's favourite time of the day...

5 months ago

How's your blind riding? In Duotone Academy latest tutorial, they talk us through the step to master riding blind. Front hand back Twist hips &…

5 months ago

Who better to demonstrate a board-off spin than Reno Romeu - check out the latest Duotone Academy tutorial right here. DOWNLOAD on iOs or Android…

6 months ago

Duotone just released the EVO SLS; freeride, hooked and unhooked freestyle, foiling or waves; the Evo SLS excels whatever the conditions. The Evo SLS sets…

6 months ago

Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu explore the unexplored and put their Duotone equipment through its paces, visiting stunning sceneries and kite spots with the aid…

Issue 93

Rou Chater heads to Qatar on a voyage of discovery to check out a new world-class kite spot and discover what this small peninsular in the Arabian Gulf has to offer the travelling kitesurfer. Read all about what he found in this exclusive article!

3 weeks ago
Issue 83

This was the mantra on the Duotone shoot in Fuerteventura this summer, with only 12 days to get all the shots for the new boards and kites, it was a non-stop mission to ensure success! Luckily they scored some great waves and wind too!

2 years ago
Issue 77

Join Colleen Carroll as she takes a ridiculously long flight to go and explore the wilds of Namibia joining the Duotone team and getting well and truly off the beaten track!

3 years ago
Issue 66

Sleep, who needs it? Colleen Carroll and fellow North teammates Reno Romeu and Matchu Lopez tear through wild New Zealand. They find beauty in spades and sessions for all, sacrificing sleep for an unforgettable journey!

5 years ago
Issue 64

As kitesurfers, we travel, it’s in our nature to seek and explore, and that next spot could be the best one ever, you never know until you go!

5 years ago
Issue 40

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

9 years ago
Issue 32

Mallory De La Villemarque takes a trip to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil to see what Reno Romeu is always going on about.

10 years ago
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12 years ago

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