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Lewis Crathern

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1 month ago

Relive the GKA finals action here! The Womens Finalists: Claudia Leon (ESP), Rita Arnaus (ESP), Mikaili Sol (BRA) & Bruna Kajiya (BRA) The Mens Finalists: Gianmaria…

2 months ago

Check out yesterday's GKA action highlights live from Neom! The men's division kicked off with seeding heats R1 and R2 before the heavy hitters entered…

4 months ago

The power of wind brings us all together, but we rarely look past how it affects our kite sessions - or lack of kite sessions!…

5 months ago

In case you missed the action, watch Frenchman Charles Brodel take his second GKA Big Air World Championship title with his powered kiteloop and huge…

5 months ago

Watch Charles Brodel take his second World title in the hydrofoil discipline at the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships in Tarifa - we've…

9 months ago

With one of the worst and most widely seen crashes ever seen in a kiteboarding competition, Lewis Crathern knows more about the risks of kiting…

10 months ago

The Cape Doctor delivered at last, and the final instalment of our 5-stop tour took place in Cape Town, South Africa, with 33 riders from…

1 year ago

You've seen all the King Of The Air kiteboarding action... now the Dirty Habits crew take us behind the scenes to see what happens when…

1 year ago

More KOTA 2021 highlights - You've got to watch this!

1 year ago

After this being a plan for the 2021 season for quite some time, we knew a demo day had to happen! Finally, the wind was…

1 year ago

If you watch one video today, make sure it's this one. The Global Wind Energy Council is delighted to support Lewis Crathern on his journey…

1 year ago

And here it is... the third episode of the GKA Distance Battle – Aluula All-Time Big Air featuring Twintip Men competitors! Watch this episode to…

Issue 94

Whether it's jumping piers, claiming podiums, or being the voice on the mic at some of the world's biggest kiting events, Lewis Crathern is, without a doubt, a household name in kitesurfing! In this interview, we find out what he's been up to, from competition to combating climate change. Read all about it in this IKSURFMAG exclusive!

4 months ago
Issue 91

Being a top-level athlete in any sport comes with significant risk; kiting is no different. The road to achieving kitesurfing glory can be bumpy, but is the risk worth the reward? We speak to international pros and average Joe's to get their perspectives. You won’t want to miss what they had to say!

10 months ago
Issue 90

So many photos, so little space! Lightroom Issue 90 features a few of our favourite kiteboarding shots from the past two months. Check it out!

12 months ago
Issue 87

Should I stay or should I go? While the debate on whether to stay local or shred global continues, the machine that is the kiteboarding industry needs wind to keep running. We caught up with the Duotone team to see what they've been up to. Hear the latest right here at IKSURFMAG!

1 year ago
Issue 84

Rou Chater takes a hard look at the unfortunate reality of fatal kitesurfing incidents. Why, when our sport is arguably safer than it has ever been, are more kitesurfers dying?

2 years ago
Issue 84

The most popular videos on our website these past two months, ready for your viewing pleasure!

2 years ago
Issue 83

The best movies from our website over the last two months, check them out right here!

2 years ago
Issue 79

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

3 years ago
Issue 75

Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern step in to cover the Ruben Len10 Experience in Tarifa after Ruben broke his leg in Spain. Imagine booking onto a trip with Ruben, only to find Aaron and Lewis in charge!

3 years ago
Issue 74

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

4 years ago
Issue 73

Lewis Crathern has been to Egypt more times than he cares to mention, however, it wasn’t until his latest trip to Dahab that he felt he truly discovered the real Egypt. Forget the tourist spots and the pyramids; this is as authentic as it gets right here.

4 years ago
Issue 64

As kitesurfers, we travel, it’s in our nature to seek and explore, and that next spot could be the best one ever, you never know until you go!

5 years ago
6 years ago
11 years ago

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