Antoine Auriol

Antoine Auriol

Pro Rider

8 months ago

There's no doubt that Antoine Auriol knows how to make a good movie! Kiting, winging, surfing and skating; Antoine Auriol did it all this winter!…

9 months ago

When Antoine Auriol posts a video, you're guaranteed to watch something you haven't seen before, and #LaminarWind did not disappoint us. Let us know what…

9 months ago

Are you still wondering if you should start kite foiling? Foil guru Antoine Auriol tells you WHY you should give it a go if you…

10 months ago

Are you winging yet? Antoine Auriol tells you why you should be in this video. We completely agree with his 2nd point! What do you…

1 year ago

Antoine Auriol cured his lockdown blues with this clever edit featuring him kitesurfing at home, clever stop motion action that took a while to create…

1 year ago

There's no doubt that Antoine Auriol seeks the adrenaline of kiteboarding/foiling unconventional spots, and this video is no different! Watch Antoine foil by the Eiffel…

2 years ago

Antoine Auriol mixing his two passions - piano and kitesurfing; PONIENTE - Antoine Auriol dancing int the West Wind

2 years ago

Antoine Auriol talks us through the F-ONE TRAX - A long heritage and one of the most popular twin tips on the market, it is…

2 years ago

Antoine Auriol shares his first kitesurfing session in Andalusia, Spain after 48 days in lockdown! Happy times ahead!

2 years ago

Stay home!

2 years ago

Antoine Auriol fuses his passions together in this one, enjoy!

2 years ago

Premiering for the first time! Antoine Auriol recaps his beautiful trip to Morocco a few weeks ago, exploring untouched territories - Enjoy!

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2 years ago

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