Antoine Auriol

Antoine Auriol

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7 months ago

Here's a chance to catch the first edition of the C Kite Festival with Antoine Auriol at C Mauritius! From the 23rd to the 27th…

10 months ago

Looking for a dreamy kite destination to visit? With warm, tropical water and incredible kite conditions all around the island, Mauritius is a trip you…

2 years ago

There's no doubt that Antoine Auriol knows how to make a good movie! Kiting, winging, surfing and skating; Antoine Auriol did it all this winter!…

2 years ago

When Antoine Auriol posts a video, you're guaranteed to watch something you haven't seen before, and #LaminarWind did not disappoint us. Let us know what…

2 years ago

Are you still wondering if you should start kite foiling? Foil guru Antoine Auriol tells you WHY you should give it a go if you…

2 years ago

Are you winging yet? Antoine Auriol tells you why you should be in this video. We completely agree with his 2nd point! What do you…

2 years ago

Antoine Auriol cured his lockdown blues with this clever edit featuring him kitesurfing at home, clever stop motion action that took a while to create…

3 years ago

There's no doubt that Antoine Auriol seeks the adrenaline of kiteboarding/foiling unconventional spots, and this video is no different! Watch Antoine foil by the Eiffel…

3 years ago

Antoine Auriol mixing his two passions - piano and kitesurfing; PONIENTE - Antoine Auriol dancing int the West Wind

3 years ago

Antoine Auriol talks us through the F-ONE TRAX - A long heritage and one of the most popular twin tips on the market, it is…

3 years ago

Antoine Auriol shares his first kitesurfing session in Andalusia, Spain after 48 days in lockdown! Happy times ahead!

3 years ago

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Issue 94

Mauritius is a dream holiday for any kitesurfer with world class waves, tropical lagoons, and an island vibe that can’t be matched! Our Brand Manager, Anastasia Pankina, joined Antoine Auriol and the crew at C Mauritius for the inaugural C Kite Festival this June. Read on to find out what she thought about the up-and-coming destination of Palmar!

8 months ago
Issue 81

The best movies from our website over the last two months, check them out right here!

3 years ago

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