Jake Kelsick

Jake Kelsick

Pro Rider

3 weeks ago

Jake Kelsick shares his top tips for kitesurfing in light wind in his latest mini vlog!

4 months ago

Wondering what Jake Kelsick's sessions look like in Antigua? Kiteboarding, kite foiling and wing foiling... all in one day!

4 months ago

Jake Kelsick‚Äč gives us a breakdown of his North Kiteboarding kite and wing foiling set up for this season from the turquoise waters in Antigua!

5 months ago

In today's tutorial, Jake Kelsick shares some of his top tips for foiling in light wind straight from the turquoise waters of Antigua!

6 months ago

Join Jake Kelsick and Megan Grant for a fun progression day learning how to wing foil in Antigua!

7 months ago

Jake Kelsick and Megan Grant are lucky enough to call this gorgeous island home! In their latest vid, Jake shares the top flatwater kitesurfing spot…

11 months ago

Straight from the turquoise waters of Antigua, Jake Kelsick and Megan Grant talk us through their North Kiteboarding twintip quiver!

1 year ago

Looking to light up your kite session with a bit of style? Jake Kelsick is here to help with this how-to video for 4 fun…

1 year ago

Have you ever found yourself stuck alone on the sidelines, watching your friends out on the water with nobody to help launch your kite? Here's…

1 year ago

It's hard to find water bluer than this! Jake and Megan take a break from their island paradise of Antigua to go for a session…

1 year ago

With any sort of travel being a challenge these days, some of the travel-starved among us have resorted to Google Streetview to explore. Jake Kelsick's…

1 year ago

If you're learning to kite in a spot with fairly strong winds, you'll be wanting to start boosting ASAP! Jake Kelsick is here with the…

Issue 57

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

6 years ago
Issue 48

Matt Taggart fields the questions on behalf of the Ozone team as we get nosey and find out a little bit more about the brand to beat on the race course.

7 years ago
Issue 43

Did you get one of these excellent cameras for Christmas? If so then look no further as Jake Kelsick runs through the best mounts, angles, settings and insider tips on how to get the most 'pro' out of the GoPro...

8 years ago

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