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Jake Kelsick is in Antigua.
Jake Kelsick is in Antigua.
2 months ago

His and hers ready for a weekend of exploring! Kite foiling is like having a SUPER POWER once you learn how to turn. Just dropped a TUTORIAL ON YOUTUBE about beginner FOIL TURNS. So if you are struggling with turns on a foil or don't know where to start go scope it out! VIDEO >> https://youtu.be/JxdghuxrUs0
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Jake Kelsick is in Antigua.
Jake Kelsick is in Antigua.
2 months ago

STOKED to announce that we will be doing A LOT more ANTIGUA KITE CAT TRIPS starting from late NOVEMBER! Tag a friend who needs some of this in their life and click here to find out how to book >> https://heli.life/zhL362
Here is my good friend and patreon supporter @saitamrodriguez shredding in paradise on our most recent kelsick kite trip! Can't wait to be back at this spot REAL SOON! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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2 months ago

It's been dreamy foiling weather recently! Can't wait until @megananxo nails her foiling transitions so we can go on some light wind exploring missions! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#LevitazHydrofoils #Kitefoiling #HeliKite #Heli #KitelsickKiteboarding #AntiguaAndBarbuda #Kiteboarding #Kitesurfing #KiteLife

Jake Kelsick is in Antigua.
Jake Kelsick is in Antigua.
2 months ago

Land gap anyone? If we ever get a WINDY WINDY day its for sure doable! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#KelsickKiteboarding #TonaStratus #Tonalife #Heli #HeliKite #Kiteboarding #Kitesurfing #KiteLife #Caribbean #KiteTrips #AntiguaAndBarbuda

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6 months ago

Meet The Tona Stratus! I have had to pleasure of getting to test and ride this thing for over a year and I'm really stoked with how everything has come together! Hope you guys dig it too!

Jake Kelsick posted a video
6 months ago

Straps Vs Boots When & Why Should You Switch?

Jake Kelsick updated their profile picture.
Jake Kelsick updated their profile picture.
7 months ago

The Dream Team! Tona Heli Levitaz

Jake Kelsick posted a video
10 months ago

Today I talk about the one trick that will change the way you kiteboard FOREVER!

Jake Kelsick shared a video.
10 months ago

Tona just released a new board! And BOY is it a JOY to ride 😉

Jake Kelsick shared a video.
10 months ago

Mega throwback! Funny to see I was riding finless even way back then!

Island Boy, Professional Kiteboarder & Content Creator. www.JakeKelsick.com
Who is Jake Kelsick? Jake is a grew up soaking in sunshine and eating an ocean full of fun for breakfast. Born in Antigua, Jake got his hands on a kite at around 11 years old and it had a full on snowball effect. He got exposed to the life of Pro early on, getting to ride and interact with local legend Andre Phillip. Jake is now beginning to hold his own in the kiteworld by constantly pumping out eye catching media and hyping up everyone he knows to get out there and ride.

Years Kitebording: 12
Sponsors: Tona, Ozone

Personal info
Athlete supported by: Tona, Ozone, GoPole, GoPro,Dakine, 3DR And REMOVU.
Personal interests
Traveling, Kiteboarding, Skateboarding, Wake skating, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Music, Film, Photography and Technology.

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11 months ago | 4:15

Ever tried riding finless? Jake Kelsick shares the pros and cons but recommends its ONE THING EVERY KITEBOARDER SHOULD TRY! Check it out!

1 year ago | 5:11

Exploring the Mayan Ruins in Tulum Mexico by kitefoil looks like a pretty epic adventure! Check out Jake Kelsick's latest VLOG to see what he gets…

1 year ago | 5:41

Sketchy kiteboarding launch turns into an amazing kitesurfing session! Jake Kelsick & Megan Grant score another awesome session in Antigua! SUBSCRIBE to my Newsletter to…

1 year ago | 6:26

Jake Kelsick & Megan Grant have built a kicker out in Antigua to session in the blazing sunshine. We're not jealous at all! Took us…

1 year ago | 4:56

Well that doesn't look easy! Kitesurfing on a golf course....who knew? Fun times Kitefoiling in a place that you would never usually go kiteboarding. Check…

1 year ago | 10:16

High winds made Kiteboarding in Puerto Rico with the Levitaz Kitefoiling crew super interesting! Check out the latest VLOG from Jake Kelsick. Check Out The…

1 year ago | 6:7

Foiling isn't just about going fast... Jake Kelsick gets his freestyle foil game on. Super fun day getting off the water with my kite foil.…

1 year ago | 4:1

This isn't really a hack...more of a product. However it is a great idea! Fun times testing out the Outex Waterproof camera case. This thing…

1 year ago | 7:42

New VLOG from Jake Kelsick: It has been a weird week. Antigua has been getting hit with a big groundswell and an opposite wind direction.…

1 year ago | 5:59

Join Megan Grant as she learns to kitefoil in Antigua! It's so satisfying when you get your first long glides. We'd definitely recommend a helmet…

1 year ago | 3:29

This will be a really popular video for those of you that are new to jumping. Adding a grab or two feels great, Jake Kelsick…

1 year ago | 6:25

Check out these useful tips to master the art of going downwind with these downloops, s-loops, toe side and carved turns! In this kiteboarding how…

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Matt Taggart fields the questions on behalf of the Ozone team as we get nosey and find out a little bit more about the brand to beat on the race course.

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Did you get one of these excellent cameras for Christmas? If so then look no further as Jake Kelsick runs through the best mounts, angles, settings and insider tips on how to get the most 'pro' out of the GoPro...

5 years ago

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