Mitu Monteiro

Mitu Monteiro

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2 days ago

Airton Cozzolino and Mikaili Sol have brought home the advantage of their single-elimination wins earlier this week to take the Ceara Kite Pro event crown,…

3 days ago

Just in case you missed all the action yesterday, we've got you covered! Two ten points scores and a 9.57 helped propel the World Champion…

4 days ago

Round one of the men's single elimination has kicked-off and we're in for a treat. The strong and smooth wind of Prea is already inspiring…

5 days ago

Here's one for the books, so you better get this one on the big screen! 23 years of trying out new things, 18 years of…

2 weeks ago

Get ready for two huge final events - A Brazilian bonanza in November! It is going to be incredible - with the finals of both the…

3 weeks ago

The final round of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup will be in Preá, Ceara, Brazil from the 12th - 16th November! A small finishing village…

3 weeks ago

Take a closer look at F-ONE BANDIT-S, a dedicated strapless and surf kite, the choice of champions and riders who truly value surfing with a…

1 month ago

Carla Herrera lined up to be crowned 2019 kite-surf world champion, while Reece Myerscough storms to the finals! With the GKA moving to Brazil for…

1 month ago

After one of the most incredible come-backs we've ever seen, Airton Cozzolino had fought his way back through six heats to face single elimination winner,…

1 month ago

The challenge of speed, power and flow! High scores against the odds yesterday and lessons for us all in light wind performance. The challenge as…

1 month ago

Kirsty is Queen of the Desert! Welsh wildcard and now local Dakhla resident stormed to the top of yesterday's women's Kite-Surf single elimination! The big…

2 months ago

ONE DAY TO GO! From the 4th to the 13th of October 2019 the GKA Kite World Tour heads to Dakhla, Morocco, for the 3rd…

Issue 76

Madagascar is a country of contrasts, heading deep into the far north to a deserted island Rou Chater and the F-ONE Team went hoping to find waves, but discovered so much more!

3 months ago
Issue 74

In 2016 Rou Chater wrote an article called, Professional Kiteboarding Is Broken, he’s back to revisit it after three years to see what’s changed and how the competitive kite scene has got better in the last couple of years.

7 months ago
Issue 72

The most popular movies from our website over the last two months!

11 months ago
Issue 71

Ten years ago F-One went on an adventure to Madagascar, this year they decided to recreate it, the equipment might have changed, and everyone is a little older, but the place still delivers incredible conditions and an out of this world experience!

1 year ago
Issue 69

Without a control bar, you aren’t going to get very far. It may not be the most glamorous piece of equipment, but the control bar may have the most significant impact on whether your session is a hit or a miss. Read on to get informed about bar length, line length, connection choices, depower options and more!

1 year ago
Issue 67

Rou Chater has been travelling to One Eye in Mauritius since before it was even a thing, in the old days it was quiet and menacing, these days it’s a zoo out there. If you’ve ever wanted to know the best way to tackle it, and how to survive then read this!

2 years ago
Issue 66

Loads more 2018 action on the test front this issue, we have kites, twin tips and surfboards getting put through their paces and we also embark on an in-depth test of the WOO 2.0 too!

2 years ago
Issue 55

We've got more 2016 kites and boards for you this issue with Ozone, North, Slingshot, F-ONE, Brunotti and Shinn all getting put their paces!

4 years ago
Issue 54

Picking the right craft for the right conditions can make kitesurfing perfect no matter what the weather, it's all about versatility!

4 years ago
Issue 54

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

4 years ago
Issue 53

Rou Chater takes a look behind the brand with F-ONE, looking at where they have come from, how they have grown and where they are headed!

4 years ago
Issue 51

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

4 years ago
3 years ago
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6 years ago

- 1x World Champion - 3x Former World * video : - MANERA - Watermen Experience 07/07/1983 KITESURF, WINDSURF, SURF, Stand Up Paddling Sportsperson 002389952654

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