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Pippa Van Iersel

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1 week ago

Pippa van Iersel and Giel Vlugt join forces in her latest vlog from Obidos, Portugal. Next up: Tarifa - Stay tuned!

2 weeks ago

#PIPSVLOG 77 is out! In this vlog, Pippa van Iersel ditches her Tarifa plans and chases a promising forecast to Portugal! But did the conditions…

3 weeks ago

Pippa van Iersel shares the highs and lows she experienced on her journey to recovery, talking about the fears, pain and insecurities she felt. Grab…

4 weeks ago

Check out Pippa van Iersel's latest vlog, #PIPSVLOG 76, as she shares some top tips on surviving cold winter sessions in Europe! Got more tips?…

1 month ago

What a comeback! After being off the water for months due to her knee injury, Pippa hit the ground running at Lord of Tram! Congrats…

2 months ago

She's BACK! Pippa van Iersel is back after being off the water for nearly 2.5 months due to her knee injury. In her latest vlog,…

3 months ago

#PIPSVLOG 71 is out - and in this episode, Giel Vlugt and Stig Hoefnagel hijack Pippa's van Iersel's vlog for a session!

3 months ago

Dutch kitesurfer Pippa van Iersel has been at the top of her game in freestyle and big air kiteboarding. While travelling the world to compete…

3 months ago

Pippa van Iersel's recent injury kept her from competing in the Big Air Kite League stop in Cape Town, but that didn't keep her from…

3 months ago

Episode 3 is OUT - Join the Duotone crew for the next 12 minutes for another episode of 'Out of the Box, a series that…

3 months ago

'Get High with Mike' shared this video by SoulTatajuba. The founder, Gleison Mon, explains how kiteboarding changed his life and how he wants to help…

4 months ago

If you've been following Pippa's vlogs, you'll know she recently landed badly and hurt both her knees. In Pippa's latest vlog, she goes for a…

Issue 91

Being a top-level athlete in any sport comes with significant risk; kiting is no different. The road to achieving kitesurfing glory can be bumpy, but is the risk worth the reward? We speak to international pros and average Joe's to get their perspectives. You won’t want to miss what they had to say!

3 months ago
Issue 80

Pippa van Iersel heads off to the Caribbean with some of the best female shredders from the Duotone crew. Find out how it panned out right here!

2 years ago
Issue 73

Pippa van Iersel has been on a tear recently, both at the World Cup, and taking second place at the Queen is Born competition in Cape Town. She’s only young but she can send it with the best of them, check out her interview right here!

3 years ago

Dutch Champion 2016 | 1x 2nd at youth World Championships | 1x 2nd at European Championships youth

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