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Tom Court

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19 hours ago

The desert office here in the #westernsahara waiting for the wind to come!! @kiteworldwide #sliceoflife

@goprouk #courtintheact #goprouk #travel #morocco #life #explore #culture #desert #desertsouth #sand #wind #souk

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6 days ago

Stuck in #Casablanca courtesy of #frenchairtrafficcontrolstrike making do with the make shift #office with @_sophiemathews - heading to #dakhla later for some #sliceoflife action :) can’t wait!! @kiteworldwide #cruisemode #courtintheact @goprouk #goprouk #chilling #travel #adventure #explore #sliceoflife

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7 days ago

This was the song of the trip last year in the #desertsouth... what should this years #song be!? #miikesnow #gengiskahn So ready for some more of this on this years Slice of Life Travel trips!! #sliceoflife Kite Worldwide

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1 week ago

Amped for more of this! Heading to Morocco this week to kick of the #sliceoflife trip series, ripping some downwinders through the desert with Kite Worldwide - Zanzibar & Sicily Next! To BOOK ->

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1 week ago

Making the most of the spot! 😝📸 @mallen_photo #truekiteboarding #courtintheact #theactiveisland

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1 week ago

Out front of the house before heading off to Morocco next week!! #courtintheact for my #sliceoflife trips with Kite Worldwide

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1 week ago

Check out the latest #teamtalk with Hannah Whiteley whilst we are out in #CityOfCapeTown a few months ago! -

Tom Court shared an album.
Tom Court shared an album.
1 week ago

Looking forward to more of this next week with Kite Worldwide our in #dakhla in Morocco! Wind every day, waves, flat water and good company! My first #sliceoflife camp coming up... starting on the 12th may!!

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2 weeks ago

Our #worldwide #beachclean was yesterday on a beach near you... I went down to visit the guys at The Kitesurf Centre in #cambersands to get collecting with Duotone Kiteboarding UK #courtintheact Rapanui #settingthetone #truekiteboarding ION

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...2013 is looking to bring some exiting new project in the world of Kiteboarding!! This page is everything to do with what I get up to, where I ride and the events that I go to!!

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Last weekend, Tom Court, Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern hit their local spot to film some UK storm riding action for Hadlow's new #HADLOW20 that…

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Tom Court runs us through the steps to take when fixing a bladder, including all the little tips and tricks that can prevent this simple task…

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Don't try this at home! Cape Town never fails to deliver! Tom Court linked up with the Dirty Habits crew for a day of fun,…

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Jump on board with Tom Court on a classic Cape Town downwinder as he shreds his way from Dolphin Beach down to the boys at…

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Behind the scenes of Red Bull King of the Air Day One - Sam Light had to pull out from the competition as he broke…

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Tom Court just dropped his latest vlog, straight out of Cape Town! In this video, he catches us up Sam Light, and he gives his predictions…

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Tom Court is back in action after a hectic year struggling with a knee injury, for the second time. Tom shares how he managed to…

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Tom Court thought he'd brighten up a gloomy English winter day, by kiteboarding in a dinosaur suit - WORST IDEA EVER! In the depths of…

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Whether it is the leading edge or a strut that leaks, then the theory is the same. In this video, Tom Court shares how to…

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If you turn up to a beach and there is no one around, but the wind is blowing and you a desperate for a session...…

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Just in case you weren't able to watch what went down during the World Kiteboarding Champions earlier this month, we've got it all, right here!…

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We're all looking forward to this one! Get ready to watch all of the top kiteboarders battle it out at this second stop of the…

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Tom Court and Gabriele Steindl give away some trade secrets.

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Tom Court looks at Maui as a holiday destination, all to often we disregard it as being to hard core, but really it is a little drop of perfection waiting to be discovered.

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The unsung hero, playing second fiddle to the world's best kiteboarder in terms of recognition in your home country can be tough, Tom tells us how he rises to above it.

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6 years ago

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