Reider Decker

Reider Decker

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1 year ago

Cape Hatteras, NC in late May is a kitesurfer's paradise! With the perfect blend of strong southwest and northeast winds, it's no wonder it's known...

3 years ago

Episode 7 of The Reider Decker Show is LIVE, and your next strapless session should involve a One-Footed, 360 Shove-It (if you don't know what...

3 years ago

Airush Kiteboarding's Clinton Filen talks us through their surfboard series and the features and benefits of each board. Watch this! First up is the Cypher...

3 years ago

If you watch one movie today, make sure it's THIS ONE! Just because there were travel restrictions in place didn't mean Oswald Smith, Kiko Torres,...

4 years ago

Airush delivers five minutes of glorious action from their riders around the world in their latest video, where we get to see the personality of...

4 years ago

2 min of mind-blowing action, captured by Kyle Cabano. Capturing the stories of inspiring people and being able to re-tell it to thousands is an...

4 years ago

#KitersInIsolation  - This is a real treat for you! In 2017, Airush dropped their new movie featuring some of the best riders on the planet...

5 years ago

YESSSS! Get this one on the big screen! The 2019 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic went off! They had epic Cape Hatteras conditions, cranking wind and...

5 years ago

Yesss! This is what it's all about! Join Airush shredder Reider Decker for a rip around his local spots in Hatteras, North Carolina. Reider is...

5 years ago

Remember this one?! Maui, the birthplace of Airush Kiteboarding. Keith Baxter, the co-founder of Airush, reminisces of the start of kiteboarding while the 2015 Airush...

6 years ago

THE WAVE V8 IS OUT - Oswald Smith and Reider Decker having a sick session! The Wave V8 is the perfect kite for riders out...

7 years ago

There you are, staring at a giant pile of gear and an empty board bag, wondering how to fit everything in. You don't want to...

Issue 69

Ryan Osmond took a chance, ditched his tedious job, and followed his dreams. Now, his backyard is the REAL Watersports slick, and his day-to-day has him creating photos and videos with the best riders in the sport. Get to know this British/American media producer who is equal parts talent, dedication and hard work.

6 years ago
Issue 58

Ian MacKinnon talks to Clinton Filen and Marc Schmid from Airush about the brand, their ethos and how they see kitesurfing developing in the future.

8 years ago

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