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Kitesurfing Reviews - Ho Stevie Mens Surfing Wetsuit 4/3mm 2022
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ho Stevie Mens Surfing Wetsuit 4/3mm 2022
Ho Stevie Mens Surfing Wetsuit

Ho Stevie! might not be a name you're familiar with, as us kiters typically gravitate towards the major kitesurfing accessory brands, and, if not, a major surf brand. However, in a world where everything is getting increasingly more expensive, we wanted to take a minute to focus on value for money. When we saw the price point of the Ho...

Issue 102

Ready to elevate your gifting game and surprise the kitesurfer who has it all? Forget the conventional wishlist because, let's face it, the latest high-tech kite equipment might break the bank! Don't worry... we've got you covered! Check out this comprehensive list of ultimate gifts for kitesurfers; from cutting-edge gadgets to beach essentials and ocean-friendly items, each product on this list is handpicked to level up your kiteboarding experience.

5 months ago
Issue 96

This issue, we’re checking out fresh updates to old favourites like the North Orbit and Ozone Enduro and all-new models, including the Duotone Neo D/LAB and the completely updated shape on the latest FLYSURFER Stoke. We've got two of the latest Ozone twin tips on test and, for the foil frothers out there, a review on the just-released Armstrong WKT board. Neoprene is an essential part of your kit, and we're testing two sides of the spectrum with the budget-friendly Ho Stevie wetsuit and the premium MANERA Seafarer. It's all right here in Tried & Tested!

1 year ago

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