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Airwave Kiteboarding


Kitesurfing Reviews - Airwave Kiteboarding Koala 10m 2022
Kitesurfing Reviews - Airwave Kiteboarding Koala 10m 2022
Airwave Kiteboarding Koala

Airwave has a long history of producing products that show a true passion for flying. In the '80s, they made their first hang gliders before starting Airwave Paragliders. Now, the team has tapped into their skills and knowledge in aerospace engineering to design and release the Koala, a ram air foil kite. The Koala is a stable, lightweight foil kite…

2 weeks ago

Maxy Landriscina scored this dreamy, solo session in Vias on his 8m Airwave Koala! Anyone else feeling slightly jealous right now?!

2 months ago

Join Airwaves Maxy Landriscina in his latest edit as he starts his day off at Autrans la Molière and ends his day at Marseille beach!

3 months ago

The Airwave Czech crew ft 11-year-old Kristyna!

4 months ago

Maxy Landriscina shares some weekend stoke and takes us on a snowkite tour around Col du Lautaret on his Airwave Koala. Happy Saturday!

4 months ago

Maxy Landriscina enjoying a snowy morning in Autrans on his 8m Airwave Koala! What a spot!

8 months ago

What goes into creating a foil kite? We caught up with Tom Lollies from Airwave to find out all about it! We talk about a…

10 months ago

The Airwave Kiteboarding crew welcomed riders from all over at the first kite festival, La Foil-ie au Lac, to test out The Koala - find…

10 months ago

Stable, universal, and lightweight, this closed-cell tubeless kite is ideal for twin tip, foil, snow, and land kiting.  Like what you see? Read on! Technology…

Issue 92

A collection of the best photos with nowhere else to go! Check out Lightroom Issue 92!

1 month ago
Issue 91

With unseasonable conditions in our top testing locations, we’ve had to track down some gear that could suit even the most challenging conditions! Find out what we thought of the latest kites from Airwave and FLYSURFER as well as new models from CORE and Harlem. Keep reading for a side-by-side test of two new North twin tips, a Duotone D/LAB board, and some of the hottest harness tech to hit the market!

3 months ago
Issue 90

From the warm waters of Brazil and the Dominican Republic all the way to the cool European conditions in France and the Netherlands, we check in on what your favourite riders and brands are up to. Read all about it in IKSURFMAG’s On The Fly!

5 months ago
Issue 90

So many photos, so little space! Lightroom Issue 90 features a few of our favourite kiteboarding shots from the past two months. Check it out!

5 months ago
Issue 89

Get a glimpse of what’s going on in the world of kite. This issue, we go beyond the cover with Ozzy, behind the design with Airwave, and check in on the event scene to keep you up to date and in the know! Read all about it in IKSURFMAG’s On The Fly!

7 months ago
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Check out the best photos with nowhere else to go in this Lightroom Issue 88!

9 months ago

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