The ALMA line-up from Airwave Kiteboarding has been expanded with two exciting new additions. The ALMA 15 is now available in the eye-catching “Stagnone” colour, while the compact ALMA 3 is now in the vibrant “Fiji” colour. These new kites promise to broaden your wind range and enhance your overall kiteboarding experience with their unique style and potential!

ALMA 15 – “Stagnone”

The ALMA 15 in “Stagnone” is designed for experienced kite enthusiasts who seek outstanding power, control, and stability in a powerful 15-square-metre kite. It’s perfect for “around the world” and those long glassy rides and unforgettable light wind sessions on the water. Thanks to its lightweight construction, it stays in the air even in the lightest breeze like no other kite. It has incredible stability throughout the wind window at 3 knots or more. The striking “Stagnone” colour scheme is packed with colour, making you stand out and improving safety and pleasure.

ALMA 3 – “Fiji”

Our compact ALMA 3 in the lively “Fiji” colour is a versatile addition to our kite range. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a manageable kite or an advanced rider wanting a smaller kite for high winds, this agile 3-square-metre kite delivers incredible agility and performance. The “Fiji” colour will give you that vibrant, tropical vibe as you boost off a wave or race around a course.

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Sat 28th Oct, 2023 @ 9:00 am


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