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Airwave Kiteboarding are stoked to unveil its new mono foil-hybrid kite, the ALMA: a light, stable and versatile kite for hydrofoiling and snow kiting.

“It’s a brand new technology design, the product of a collaboration between Airwave designer Tom Lolies and multiple world champion Maxime Nocher. It has inflated closed cells at the front, a single surface at the back and five inflatable spars. This mono-foil hybrid design combines the best of tube kite and foil kite features.”


  • 20% lighter than the lightest tube kite on the market, yet using strong and durable materials
  • Low bar pressure, nice bar feedback
  • Progressive power generation in loop or gusts for easy foiling and surfing
  • Low packing volume for snowkite and touring adventures
  • Super tight turn radius, kiteloop and megaloop machine
  • Instantaneous depower
  • Super simple line layout, no tangling
  • Easy relaunch
  • Rock solid stability even in strong turbulence

For more information on Airwave Kiteboarding’s ALMA, please click here.

Tue 23rd May, 2023 @ 10:31 am


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