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2 days ago

The greatest gift I got in my life was my kite from my parents. The 2nd greatest gift in my life I got from my good friend Gal Stiglitz who invited me to join IDISCOVER. This was an absolute mind-blowing and profound experience that enhanced my life drastically, and still is everyday. I'm very excited to join the residential program in Catalonia, Spain. I highly recommend/wish everyone to experience this knowledge and techniques to apply to their own lives, careers, and relationships.

DM me for more info or LEN10 discount. 🚀

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2 weeks ago

Normally I'm pretty good at replying to comments but I just haven't felt like it this time as I’m tired from the pain and meds. Also this safety and brand thing is a never ending ‘progressive’ and opinion and experience based story.

I read some super nice and understanding comments, thank you, also some critical comments, thanks for that. But some people are just wrong and I wanted to make my stand and learning points very clear so that all the stupid shit talk can ‘stop’. (yeah right) Haha.

Anyways, first of all I want you to know that Ozone doesn’t push me to say or do anything. Whatever I do/say is all free will and what I think is best for everyone. I obviously wanted to share my quick release accident in detail so we can all learn ‘multiple’ things from it.

Kiteboarding is being taken to the next level at a rapid phase with more and more (young) riders going bigger and more extreme. That also brings more risk and responsibility to us all, and the gear that we build, use and will built, on and off the water.

Quick-releases are like seatbelts and they’re basically all the same, yes some are bigger, smaller, more/less sensitive but there is an AFNOR standard regulation that has been set by ISO. Most releases meet this standard so you can feel safe out there and rock your session without worries. Please don’t forget to use your release ASAP when something goes wrong and it’s safe to do so. Don’t worry about your gear being damaged, because in a split second you could end up way worse than your gear. Just release before you loose control during launch, on the beach, on the water, it will be there dangling for you without power.

Once you push/hit/twist the release it opens, that’s how it’s designed. This can happen (to any brand) by accident unfortunately, which can be very dangerous/painful/annoying. So be careful where you put your hands. It doesn’t happen that often and sometimes people can’t open their release in times of danger due to it being too stuck, bend or sand inside. Design never ends, especially safety design. In the end our lives our hanging on the line. So we better take excellent care and the necessary extra steps/time/thought in order to prevent any further ‘disasters’.

My point is that we have to rethink the whole safety system mainly for advanced riders that love getting huge air, not to forget about snow-kiters with their insane heights and hang-time. So let’s focus on that and see how the designs progress into something epic. Not only for Ozone but for all brands.

The kiteboarding community is very active online and that’s the power we have to keep communicating and sharing stories to learn from. Some brands are super competitive and crazy in their actions/words towards other brands and fighting for their piece of the pie. I’m not like that, I’m here to grow the pie and get more people into this beautiful sport and lifestyle to enhance peoples lives and make kiteboarding, it’s products, and riders grow in a beautiful, peaceful, and epic way.

And that’s why I wanted to share this story and this video attached as Cape Town was an absolute shit show at some points. People jumping (20+m) when there are people downwind of them, or people turning around and not looking properly behind and upwind before doing so. Super dangerous and we’ve seen some very close calls. I also make mistakes, like this scary jump here I was so focused on the takeoff that I didn’t see the guy turn around on time, and he didn’t see me until the very last moment. (once again, sorry dude).

First of all I advice everyone to double check before jumping and/or turning around to make sure the area is way clear on the water and in the air before you make your move. When you turn around don’t just turn your head and quickly look but scan the air upwind of you as well as there might be someone incoming from way up there. This might just save the day. That’s why I want to use this opportunity to gather the kiteboarding community to stop nagging on brands or people but instead to help think how we can all make it safer for everyone together.

We’re all energy, let’s make it good energy… ride together, safely.

Sending love, a lot of wind, and waves your way.

Ride hard and fly high.
Safety third. ;-)


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3 weeks ago

To clear up some comments and give you a better understanding of what happened during my unfortunate accident. Here a more clear view and explanation. The release didn't open by itself, the outside of my hand pressed hard against the release when the kite powered up and pushed it open.

Ozone Kites | Mystic | bunq

Ruben Lenten is feeling excited.
Ruben Lenten is feeling excited.
3 weeks ago

Look what just arrived. My new babies. Epic custom gear from @ozonekites with some awesome advertising on there. I'm already visualizing what I'm going to do once I'm ready to play again. Whoop whoop.

bunq #bankofthefree
Mystic #breakboundaries

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3 weeks ago

Check out what happened with my heaviest crash ever.

bunq #bankofthefree
Mystic #breakboundaries
Ozone Kites #flyozone

Film + edit: Floris Tils

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Ruben Lenten is feeling festive.
3 weeks ago

Got my fix at the human garage. Doctor Christian Wilches and two more docs fixed me with some new internal bling to keep everything together. The 3,5hr surgery went well and now I can fully focus on an epic recovery. I can't wait to ride hard and fly high again.

Thanks to my partners, all of you, the medical staff and my awesome nurse Nikki Lenten for the love, great care and support.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Hip hip hooray. 🙌

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Ruben Lenten is feeling healthy.
Ruben Lenten is feeling healthy.
1 month ago

Boulevard of broken dreams. If life, love or health knocks you down... it's time to reassess. My go to is always doing what feels good. Being in the place I want to be. That's where I can start building new dreams. Setting goals for the time to come and making sure I recover the best I can. Eating healthy, supplementing, resting, light exercises, and keeping at it with a smile. I have had several super docs look at my situation and they all agree on the plan and I feel I'm in very good hands here in BCN, the surgeon is Doctor Christian Wilches and is a kiter himself so he knows what's up. This feels very comforting and gives me peace of mind. Tuesday morning they'll fix me up and then I can go home. I'm looking fwd to get this external fixation out of my leg as sleeping with that thing is a nightmare... haha. I hope that you're having an amazing day too and rocking your life hard. 🤘

Thanks for all the ❤

P A R T Y T I M E soon again. 😇


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Ruben Lenten is feeling in love.
Ruben Lenten is feeling in love.
1 month ago

Yayyy love the new nurse. The best TLC from my lovely wifey Nikki. ❤ Recovering made perfect. 😇 Thanks babe, the sponge bath was amazing. 😇😁😎

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1 month ago

Update. Wow. What a deal. Two surgeries needed to puzzle this back together. Had the first one done, next one in 10 days or so. Super stoked with how easy I remain happy and grateful. Mental resilience game going strong. It hurts like hell and sleeping didn't really work yet, luckily the drugs do a great job most of the time. Also social media seems to numb some pain, thanks for the healing vibes, awesome messages and silly jokes. Have a wonderful Easter holiday and I'll be back stronger than ever in a couple of months. Healing mode ON.

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1 month ago

Here's how to break a leg kitesurfing. Just pull a Megaloop and hit your quickrelease... OUCH. Gnarly fracture.

But remember, it can always be worse.

They just broke into our van and stole all the footage and gear.

Even then.

I'm in good hands. Much love and rocking a happy, full and speedy recovery.

Thanks to bunq, Ozone Kites, and Mystic for the support and you guys for all the love.

Happy Easter.

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Born in Noordwijk in The Netherlands on March 30th, 1988, Ruben Lenten is a true ‘Flying Dutchmen’ and renowned for being the most daring and radical kitesurfer in the world. In his view however, he has only scraped the surface in attempt- ing what is possible behind a kite.
Ruben began kiteboarding at the age of 12, rapidly making a name for himself, he turned pro at the age of 16. After many years successfully competing, Ruben decided to take on a different direction. His focus shifted to pushing and promoting the more extreme side of the sport. By creating content of his extreme kitesurfing sessions and organising events for his partners he puts the sport on the map like no-one else.
In August 2015 Ruben got diagnosed with an aggressive tumor inside of his chest. After a successful battle that inspired many, Ruben is now more determined than ever to do what he loves most; flying twice as high!
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Pro-athlete powered by Mother Nature and supported by: LEN10 | Windytv | Red Bull | Mystic | Inboard Technologies
Personal interests
I want to live not just survive. No risk, no story. Flow on your frequency. Ride hard and fly high. Love, light, health, happiness, nature, music and technology.

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