Camdyn Kellet

Camdyn Kellet

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1 week ago

There is no doubt you watched the whole thing or highlights from one of the most epic Red Bull King of The Air competitions in…

2 weeks ago

This was Camdyn Kellet's longest session since his injury, even though there wasn't the best wind for it. He got to ride his foil for…

1 month ago

After nine months of recovering from an injury, Camdyn Kellet is back and killing it! I was starting to think this day would never come...…

2 months ago

For this week's #Throwbackthursday, Camdyn Kellet takes us back to his World Class Kite Academy days! They were in Pacasmayo, one of the longest left-breaking…

2 months ago

There is extreme, and then there is THIS! A massive storm was forecast with gusts of 50+knt, so Camdyn and the crew loaded up and…

2 months ago

Go Camdyn - After months of recovery, he's back and here's his Red Bull King of the Air entry video!

3 months ago

Camdyn Kellet is back! In this edit, he takes us on a cruise around Kitebeach on his new 7m Switchblade - Enjoy the ride!

3 months ago

After a month of rehab, Camdyn Kellet is back in action and, this time, on a foil! This was my first time foiling in Clifton,…

4 months ago

It's been 6 months to the day that Camdyn Kellet broke his ankle, but he's back in full swing!

5 months ago

Camdyn Kellet's been busy working on a custom bridle for his Cab Design Works FX2 prototype - Enjoy the ride. I wanted to optimise it…

9 months ago

Camdyn Kellet throwing it down with Andrew Kellett & Jenna De Vries behind the lens!

1 year ago

Join Gwen LeTuTOUR, Camdyn Kellet and the Cabrinha Ohana as they road trip across the United States sharing a passion for kitesurfing, wingsurfing and everything…

Issue 85

What happened in South Africa this year? Instead of analysing the King of the Air results, we’re taking a closer look at police interactions with kiters. Rather than a busy big air season in Blouberg, the locals are looking for outlets for civil disobedience. Get the inside scoop on the past year in Cape Town in this feature article!

2 years ago
Issue 81

Camdyn Kellet has arguably scored the youngest cover shot we’ve ever run, the South African is just starting his career but if the early signs are anything to go by the future is going to be bright! Find out what makes the young man tick right here!

2 years ago
2 years ago

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