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Kitesurfing Reviews - Gin Kiteboarding Spirit 10m 2021
Kitesurfing Reviews - Gin Kiteboarding Spirit 10m 2021
Gin Kiteboarding Spirit

At Gin Kiteboarding, the Spirit is their all-around freeride foil kite. Use this kite on the water, out in the snow or on the land… you choose! This versatile closed-cell foil kite is a fantastic choice offering easy handling with great low wind flying capabilities whilst also performing efficiently in high winds for the smaller sizes. Light and easy to…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Gin Kiteboarding Cannibal 2 9m 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - Gin Kiteboarding Cannibal 2 9m 2017
Gin Kiteboarding Cannibal 2

We’ve recently tested the Egoist, which was a solid performer from Gin. We’ve now got our hands on the second version of the Cannibal; it has undergone some significant changes in design and style for this release. The Cannibal 2 is a high-performance open C 5-strut kite. We see some new construction and design features in the new Cannibal 2;…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Gin Kiteboarding Egoist 9m 2015
Kitesurfing Reviews - Gin Kiteboarding Egoist 9m 2015
Gin Kiteboarding Egoist

After Gin’s departure from the kite scene a few years ago, they came back last year with the new Cannibal, which was an excellent kite. For 2015 they have added the Egoist to the range, a freeride do-it-all kite with an emphasis for wave riding. The Egoist has 3 struts, with quite swept-back wingtips. There is a neat and compact…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Gin Kiteboarding Cannibal 9m 2014
Kitesurfing Reviews - Gin Kiteboarding Cannibal 9m 2014
Gin Kiteboarding Cannibal

After a brief hiatus Gin Kiteboarding have returned to the market place, and it’s good to see them again. The Swiss brand were popular in the past amongst the more discerning rider looking for something a little different that was built to exacting Swiss standards. For the relaunch of the brand they have a new kite, the Cannibal. It’s a…

6 days ago

A recent addition to the team at Gin Kiteboarding, French athlete Benoit Gomez has been making a splash! As a talented racer and Olympic hopeful,…

1 week ago

Watch Charles Brodel take his second World title in the hydrofoil discipline at the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships in Tarifa - we've…

2 weeks ago

With 23 brand exhibitors at this event, the GKA Kite Expo is THE place to be from the 21st to 26th of June 2022 -…

1 month ago

Throwback to 2021, Watch this Gin crew land kiting in Panenský Týnec, Czech Republic!

2 months ago

As the Gin team grew and the brand evolved, they decided to relocate. The residents of La Neuveville finally decided to move after 15 years…

5 months ago

Gin Kiteboarding's 'mountain man' Eloi Rondeau cruising through Tour du Mézenc!

7 months ago

Axel Mazella and Poema Newland have become champions of Gran Canaria, the fifth and final event of the 2021 KiteFoil World Series. Both French riders…

8 months ago

Did you catch the action in Torre Grande? The Formula Kite World Championship wrapped up just over a week ago on the sandy beaches of…

9 months ago

The Gin team has developed a user-friendly freeride foil kite that has the potential to achieve outstanding speeds. Read on to learn more about the…

10 months ago

SPEED, SPEED, SPEED - is what the Toon Max is all about! Maxime Nocher, Lauriane Nolot, Lorenzo Boschetti and Tiana Laporte give us the lowdown!…

11 months ago

BOOM! You better check this out! This kite will take things to the next level whether you're on your foil, buggy or snowkiting. Push the…

12 months ago

Join the GIN crew as they test out their latest kites at their Gin Roadshow! _ Video - Gossuin Brothers

Issue 90

There are some new faces on the Gin Kiteboarding development team, and we're sure to see their influence on upcoming products for 2022. Read on to find out more about Gin's newest team members, Paco Isoardi and Tim Bollinger!

7 months ago
Issue 89

We’ve got a massive prize up for grabs thanks to the team over at Gin Kiteboarding. Subscribe now for your chance to win a Gin Instinct HB, an all-around foil kite that can be used for any terrain - water, land, and snow!

9 months ago
Issue 89

The Olympics are coming, and the race is on! With riders battling it out on the racecourse and brands toiling away behind the scenes to create the fastest foils in the world, Paris 2024 is sure to be an epic event. Learn more about the world of racing in this exclusive article!

9 months ago
Issue 89

This issue, we’ve got quite the mixed bag of gear with big ticket items like kites and boards on test alongside the accessories that are essential to getting you out on the water. We tested products from Airush, North, Nobile, and more… Find out what we thought of the latest gear from your favourite brands!

9 months ago
Issue 88

Stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry with On The Fly! We’ve got updates from the top riders, news on the latest products, video releases, and kitesurfing events. Stay in the know with On The Fly!

11 months ago
Issue 87

What’s been happening in the world of wind? We catch up on the latest news from the industry, including new team riders, changes within the brands, and even a look at the astronomical growth of the wing industry! Stay in the know with On The Fly!

1 year ago
Issue 65

Images with no particular place to go.

5 years ago
Issue 62

Once again we've got loads of kites and boards on test this issue, lots of new 2017 equipment gets put through its paces!

5 years ago
Issue 61

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

5 years ago
Issue 60

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

6 years ago
Issue 51

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

7 years ago
Issue 50

One of the biggest test we have ever done we have kites, boards and surfboards from all the major brands, find out if we tested your next kite here!

7 years ago
13 years ago

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