Gin Kiteboarding Shaman 3.1 2022 Kitesurfing Review

Gin Kiteboarding Shaman 3.1 2022

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The Shaman 3.1 boasts the same design as the Shaman 3, but with an upgraded fabric that offers significantly enhanced durability and water resistance. These two new features contribute to the already exceptional lightweight nature of a single-skin kite like the Shaman, making it a compact companion perfect for any exploration.

The Shaman is renowned for its impermeability, lightness, stability, and durability. In addition, it is equipped with braided nylon sheaths (polyester) to protect the core from potential damage or wear.

Unlike traditional kites, the Shaman is constructed with a single layer of fabric, creating a single-skin design without any closed cells. The inter-cells are safeguarded by an ultra-thin border, and all bridle attachment points are reinforced with incredibly lightweight materials.

Thanks to its unique construction, the Shaman is an exceptionally light kite that offers outstanding stability, allowing for precise and coordinated turns. It becomes an extension of your arms, connecting you directly to the elements.

Not only is the Shaman incredibly easy to use, but it also possesses an exceptional wind range. However, its greatest advantage lies in its reduced weight and size, which are vital elements for hiking and snowkiting adventures.

In summary, the Shaman 3.1 is an upgraded version of the Shaman 3, featuring a stronger and water-repellent fabric. This single-skin kite combines lightness, stability, and durability, making it an excellent choice for exploration. With its reduced weight and size, the Shaman 3.1 is ideal for hiking and snowkiting enthusiasts seeking a compact and reliable companion.

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