Slingshot Ghost V2 2022 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Ghost V2 2022

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Completely redesigned for 2023, the Ghost V2 is built on a one luff-strut platform and an aspect ratio optimized to make it the ultimate session saver. With its lightweight frame, smooth power delivery, intuitive steering, and great upwind reach, riders won't have to miss out on those light wind days any longer.

The engineering and design team at Slingshot have obsessively tailored the aspect ratio of the Ghost V2 to provide exceptional upwind reach, intuitive response, and easy water relaunch, even in light-wind conditions. They have also introduced a single luff-strut system that is incredibly lightweight, allowing the Ghost to fly in almost no wind with fast handling and exceptionally smooth power delivery. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a complete beginner, you'll love the Ghost V2's ability to consistently deliver throughout your session and in varying wind conditions.

More sessions mean more smiles and high fives. Many kiteboarders struggle to ride in light wind conditions, so the team at Slingshot was determined to create a versatile, user-friendly single-strut kite that delivers exceptional performance in all wind conditions - especially in those iffy light-wind sessions.

Just like you, they understand the frustration of sitting on the beach, gazing out at the water, and wishing it would pick up just five more knots. The Ghost V2 is the cure for that, getting you on the water during subpar days and putting a big smile on your face while making your friends on the beach envious - what's not to love about that?

The Ghost V2 features all-new kite geometry brought forth by Slingshot's legendary design team. This new shape and profile have ushered in a new potential for upwind reach, response, and easy handling.

The all-new single luff-strut separates the strut from the kite's canopy. This allows for a more natural and aerodynamic canopy profile, reducing drag, and creating faster turning speeds and better kite control.

Each size of the Ghost V2 has been specifically tuned and optimized. Different sized kites have different needs, requiring different aspect ratios to provide maximum performance per model.

By using more premium materials, the team was able to reduce the bridle-line thickness by 25%. Riders will instantly notice a decrease in drag as the kite flies through the air, thanks to this new streamlined bridle.

The patented Slingshot invention, now used industry-wide, has received an upgrade. The tube diameters have increased for cleaner airflow and easier inflation, while the tube positions have been repositioned for a more streamlined and durable construction.

Integrated into the kite are different attachment points that allow riders to fine-tune the handling, power, and performance based on their riding style and the specific conditions of a particular session.

In summary, the Ghost V2 is a completely redesigned kite that offers exceptional performance in light wind conditions. Its lightweight frame, intuitive response, and easy water relaunch make it the ultimate session saver. With its new shape and profile, as well as the use of premium materials and upgraded tube design, the Ghost V2 delivers excellent upwind reach, turning speeds, and kite control. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, this versatile single-luff strut kite will consistently deliver a smile-inducing experience in any wind condition.


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