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North Kiteboarding Pulse 2022

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The explosive burst, robust quick turns, and responsive steering of their high-performance Hybrid-C kite will surely get your heart racing. The Pulse truly shines in unhooked Freestyle, effortlessly landing even the most intricate tricks. Its design, with an upright and low sweep, ensures that the twist caused by steering goes deeper into the center of the kite, resulting in consistent turns throughout the entirety of the canopy and maintaining steady power delivery throughout the loop.

The Pulse, with its leaner profile entry and slightly higher aspect ratio, offers efficiency and smooth handling, particularly in excessively overpowering conditions. It features the resilient N-FORCE 75 heavy-duty canopy reinforcement material, providing durability, increased performance and lift, improved kite loop drive, better recovery, and enhanced slack line and pop. Additionally, lighter weight bladders have been introduced in sizes of 10m and above. The Pulse is the ultimate choice for performance-oriented freestyle and also excels in freeride, allowing for impressive boosts and daring kite loops.

Thanks to its upright FlexPulse structure, the Pulse ensures that power remains constant throughout the entire loop, rather than pivoting off the tip and experiencing a dead spot in the loop. This added energy and efficiency enable the kite to swiftly return to catch you and facilitate a smooth landing.

In today's world, a pure C-kite is not as efficient as what most riders are accustomed to. The Pulse's Hybrid-C design offers the perfect combination, delivering unmatched unhooked performance with balanced line slack for handle passes and unhooking. The 2-stage arc allows for a smooth and curved central region, generating power, while the straighter wing tips provide a dynamic steering response. With its narrower span, such as that of the Pulse, the kite is exceptionally fast in flight and offers reduced overall power.

These design attributes also contribute to the Pulse's efficiency and manageability, especially in extreme overpowering conditions.

The kite boasts an ergonomic high volume single-point inflation system, featuring a large-diameter hose for rapid inflation and deflation. The bayonet style main inflation valve is compatible with most pumps, eliminating the need for an adapter.

The durable exo-skeleton frame, constructed with N-FORCE 75, a lightweight yet heavy-duty canopy material, surrounds the perimeter of the kite. This material, roughly half the weight of Dacron, provides reinforcement while saving weight and enhancing the kite's responsiveness in steering and depower. The transition from N-FORCE 75 to Dacron is stronger and smoother, thanks to the material used in the extra panels connecting to the leading-edge seam. It stretches uniformly with the leading edge upon inflation, resulting in a stronger, more efficient profile, improved handling, and a more balanced feel. The profile transition panels reduce inconsistencies in the profile, enabling better aerodynamic airflow and reduced turbulence.

Their high-quality, low-profile pre-stretched bridle lines undergo pre-loading and measurement before cutting to ensure accuracy and consistency. This process minimizes shrinkage and elongation, increasing the longevity of the lines. Removing all pulleys from the bridle improves safety and provides direct and precise kite handling.


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