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DUOTONE Neo 2022

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The Neo is widely regarded as the pinnacle of kiteboarding in waves, offering exceptional drift, precise control, and the ability to excel in wave and strapless freestyle competitions. For surfboard riders, this kite provides unparalleled performance and durability.

One of the Neo's most captivating features is its capacity to be direct and dynamic even when the bar is pushed out and the kite is depowered. This allows riders to focus on riding the wave without worrying about bar and kite control.

The Neo boasts a legendary range, with a substantial bottom end that enables riders to get going on a smaller kite before others. Combined with impressive depower, this allows for longer riding sessions when the wind picks up, often with the advantage of a smaller quiver.

Speed is a key attribute of the Neo, as it not only turns exceptionally quickly but also reacts promptly to bar inputs, making it one of the most responsive kites available.

To enhance performance and reduce weight, the Neo incorporates materials like Trinity TX, which offers excellent durability while keeping the kite lightweight.

Different kite sizes within the Neo range are designed with specific characteristics to optimize their performance. Larger kites use a wider arc and have less sweep in the tips to maximize power, while smaller sizes have more sweep and a narrower arc for enhanced maneuverability.

The Neo has earned more championships and accolades than any other kite on the market. It has been an integral part of the surfboard movement within kiteboarding since its inception and continues to be at the forefront. A combination of unique features makes it the ultimate choice for wave riding and strapless freestyle. Its legendary drift allows riders to focus on their turns rather than kite control. This becomes particularly advantageous in onshore conditions, where slack lines are common; the Neo remains suspended in the air, giving riders time to regain tension in the lines. In cross-onshore winds, the Neo's fast turning ability enables riders to carve their lines into the waves with ease. With multiple tip settings, riders can adjust the kite to suit the day's conditions, whether it be maximizing pop and powerful loops for flatwater strapless freestyle sessions or achieving maximum drift and rapid turning speed for wave shredding. The Neo's greatest strength lies in its power delivery across the wind range. It boasts ample low-end power, allowing riders to utilize a smaller, more dynamic kite. Meanwhile, the upper range offers significant depower, allowing for a 2-3 kite quiver to cover most wind conditions. If one is serious about surfboard riding, whether it be waves or big airs, the Neo is the ultimate kite of choice.

TRINITY TX, an exclusive 3x2 canopy material developed by Duotone, is the result of the combined creative power of the company and Teijin, the world's leading supplier of polyester fabrics and sail materials for marine sports. This innovative material surpasses others in terms of both durability and dynamic performance, making it the ideal choice for the Neo.

Load-Distribution-Panels are employed in the kite's construction to withstand the increasing forces resulting from advancements in kite geometry. By distributing these forces, the kite maintains its shape even under the harshest loads, providing a smoother and more consistent performance in any riding situation.

Pigtails are strategically placed to distribute the load of the line connections to the kite, minimizing the risk of fatigue and making the kite less susceptible to distortion, resulting in smoother steering.

The kook proof line connection points ensure that line connections are made correctly, preventing accidents during kite rigging.

The leading edges of all kites feature a heavy-duty closing seam, reinforced with a self-sticky Insignia Tape and double stitching. This construction is highly resistant to high tension and diagonal forces, enhancing durability.

The Anti Snag webbing prevents the lines from tangling around the kite's tip, facilitating waterstarts and increasing safety.

A flexible Dyneema line connects the struts to the leading edge, allowing for controlled force distribution between them. This design promotes higher canopy tension and a clean profile.

A narrower trailing edge with a lighter combination of materials reduces wear and creates a sleeker kite profile.


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