DUOTONE Dice SLS 12m 2022 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Dice SLS 12m 2022

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At A Glance

With a large range of kites to choose from in the Duotone range, you can certainly be assured that there's a kite for exactly what you're looking for. The Dice has been a staple kite for many years, packed with performance and aimed at the more experienced rider who enjoys freestyle and aggressive loops while still having the ability to perform exceptionally well in the waves. Duotone kite designer Ralf Grosel is consistently changing the way we look at kiting. With input from Aaron Hadlow and Lasse Walker, there are even more new features implemented in the latest version; the 2022 Duotone Dice SLS sure does deliver!

Like many of the kites in the Duotone range, the Dice comes in two different constructions - the standard material and the more advanced SLS (Strong, Light, Superior) version. Think of the SLS like a kite on steroids; everything is just that little bit better. However, for obvious reasons, the SLS model kites have an increased price compared to the standard version.

Duotone's SLS kites consist of the newest, most innovative and top-quality materials on the market. The leading edge is replaced with Penta TX, a material that has 5x higher tear resistance, with 50% less elongation, and an overall weight saving of 15% from previous models. For the Dice, this can make a huge difference as everything turns quicker, reacts faster and has a more 'bomb proof' build.

The 3 strut Duotone Dice SLS uses Penta TX in the leading edge and centre strut, replacing the original Dacron with a lighter yet stronger material. This material helps provide a stiffer feel that is capable of handling strong, gusty winds. It can withstand hard crashes yet still have that Dice feel we all know and love. The two other 'Fusion Struts' are connected to the leading edge with Dyneema, allowing a higher canopy tension and controlled force throughout flight. The canopy itself is Trinity TX, exclusive to Duotone and with a narrower trailing edge, the kite has a slicker profile and reduced flutter.

With two bold colourways to choose from, you won't be missed by the crowds on your local beach. The yellow pops in the sky whilst the blue offers that classy premium look!

Sizes: 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

In The Air

For this test, I had both the 9m and 12m Dice SLS available. While our March wind conditions in the UK only allowed one proper 9m session, I had plenty of great sessions on the 12m Dice SLS. In strong winds, the Dice SLS offers big jumps with very good hang time.

Where this kite really stands out from the rest is in the loops. With its precise, quick steering, you know exactly where the kite is and can land big air manoeuvres having full trust in your equipment. Within the loop, the kite turns quickly through the window, and with plenty of settings along the wing tips, you can really alter the kite to your riding style. With kiteloops, you receive a massive thrill-seeking yank yet still have unmatched control when the kite catches and returns to 12.

On the lighter days, the 12m came in very handy. Paired with the Click Bar, it's a real treat when wanting to unhook and develop your freestyle game. With the SLS material and the 15% reduction in the overall weight, you can easily get going on those lighter wind days. I was very impressed with the overall flying capabilities of the kite. Any bar input is instantly received through the lines, and for 2022, the Duotone team have fine-tuned the power release after pop, giving riders plenty of time to stomp tricks and ride out smoothly.

The Dice has similarities to the Vegas in regards to freestyle, yet competes with big air kites when the wind is really blowing. With great drifting capabilities, it can also offer a fun time in the waves. Duotone has some other kites in the range that fine-tune performance in different categories. If you're into big air and big air only, the Rebel is a better alternative. For those who are dedicated to riding a surfboard, the Neo is the choice for you. If you want something a little more user friendly before jumping on the Dice, the Evo is worth a look. But if you want a high-performance big air and freestyle machine, the Dice SLS is an excellent all-around kite for skilled riders.


The new Duotone Dice SLS promises an exciting time on the water. Its explosive, thrill-seeking, yet stable flight characteristics are the perfect recipe to help you develop your skills. For the confident rider who wants to take their big air and freestyle to the next level, this kite is a winner! Who knows what we'll see from Duotone in the coming years, but this year's Dice is a force to be reckoned with!


This review was in Issue 92 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Liam Dredge
Liam fell in love with all Watersports after completing numerous seasons aboard, he then picked up kiting whilst in the warm tropics of the Carribean and has been obsessed ever since! Anyone that knows him would say it's near the only thing he talks about (which drives some crazy), and he loves to keep up to date with all the latest news, equipment and events that kiting has to offer. Liam also runs his own Watersports Centre along the south coast of the UK, LOOP Watersports, which is where our IKSURFMAG Test Centre is located!

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