DUOTONE Juice 2022 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Juice 2022

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The 2022 Juice is the most popular light wind kite available, backed by years of design and research. It offers extended water time, even in the lightest winds, and maintains a consistent bar pressure.

The larger sizes of the Juice are particularly ideal for light wind days on twintips. Its Flex Struts enable fast and dynamic turning, providing a lively and intuitive steering experience. Additionally, the kite offers several tip tuning options for personalized adjustments.

With its lightweight construction, Trinity TX, and Flex Struts, the Juice ensures a lightweight and efficient performance. It is designed to save weight without compromising on functionality.

Introducing the completely new Juice D/LAB, which stands as the top-tier lightwind kite in the market. It is the lightest in its range and boasts advanced design innovations that push the boundaries of what's possible. This kite allows you to hit the water even in seemingly impossible wind conditions.

The Evo is the perfect kite for riders who desire versatility. It excels in boosting big jumps, freeriding, hooked freestyle, and riding waves. Offering both performance and ease of use, it instills confidence and aids in progressing one's riding skills.

As a kitesurfer, you've likely experienced disappointment when the wind doesn't meet the forecast. However, with the 2022 Juice, you can still enjoy a thrilling session. This kite is the product of extensive research and development, utilizing the latest materials. It's a must-have for both recreational and professional kiters, delivering exceptional performance even in light wind conditions.

The Juice stands out among other light wind kites due to its agility and responsiveness, thanks to the Flex Struts. These struts respond instantly to rider input, resulting in a dynamic and exciting flying experience. The kite also features Load-Distribution-Panels, which spread forces and maintain its shape under extreme loads, ensuring consistent performance in all riding situations.

To enhance safety and ease of use, the Juice comes with kook-proof line connection points, preventing incorrect line connections. Its heavy-duty leading edge closing seam ensures durability and resistance to high tensions and forces. The Anti Snag webbing prevents line tangling around the tip of the kite, facilitating waterstarts and increasing safety.

For personalized setup assistance, the Juice offers a feature specifically designed to help riders find the perfect configuration for their riding conditions. This feature enables users to construct an optimal quiver from the wide range of available products.


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