Gin Kiteboarding Cannibal 2 9m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Gin Kiteboarding Cannibal 2 9m 2017

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At A Glance

We’ve recently tested the Egoist, which was a solid performer from Gin. We’ve now got our hands on the second version of the Cannibal; it has undergone some significant changes in design and style for this release. The Cannibal 2 is a high-performance open C 5-strut kite. We see some new construction and design features in the new Cannibal 2; there is a new arc shape, a fixed shortened bridle optimised diagonal and strengthened panels and a new wingtip. All of these additions not only make the kite look bomb proof but also are vital for the new feel and performance of the kite.

The Cannibal 2 comes with the Gin & Tonic V3 bar and is available in a variety of colourways.

Colours: Apricot, Blueberry, Cherry and Wasabi

Sizes: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13m.

The Bar

The new Gin & Tonic V3 bar has undergone some work in this addition and boasts new Eurocord lines, a large chicken loop, rotational donkey dick and much more.

The grip is super comfortable to use, and the soft moulded bar ends make it look slick and also provide real comfort when going for those all important passes. The safety system works very smoothly and when released can be reset quickly. The lines are of excellent quality, and the bar has undergone extensive testing within Europe.

The depower you can achieve on the Cannibal 2 with the new bar is again awesome, there is a great range which makes it ideal for a variety of rider sizes and wind conditions.

The PVC centre line is a bonus for those wanting to unhook, saving any rope burns and providing a direct feel at the bar.

In The Air

The Gin Cannibal 2 has varied slightly from its predecessor it is now firmly aimed at the freestyle and wakestyle riders. This change is instantly noticeable when flying the Cannibal 2.

Bar pressure is relatively heavy on the Cannibal 2, but this is seen across most wakestyle kites on the market, feedback from the bar is direct, and the responsive levels are moderate.

This heavier bar pressure stems from the kite flying off the rear lines. This sits the kite back in the window a lot more giving a powerful grunty feel while riding. If you are looking for a kite to blast around and give ample amounts of power and forwards pull throughout your moves, this is for you. In lighter conditions, you will need to play with trimming the kite to prevent any back stall but when you are at that level of riding this is straightforward adjustment.

“Perfect for unhooking with good amounts of slack.”

There are two different line attachments to tune the kite the setting closer to the leading edge provides a lighter feel and the closer to the wingtip is slightly heavier again and creates more slack in the canopy when popping those freestyle moves. The amount of slack created from the Cannibal 2 is fantastic; something those who are looking for this feature in a kite will love.

The boosting on the Cannibal 2 is progressive and stable; there are ample amounts of height created from the Cannibal 2 although the speed does give you a slower floatier feel than some freestyle kites on the market.


Ample amounts of pull, well built, a sound bar set up and great unhooked abilities with plenty of slack for advanced freestyle moves. The Cannibal 2 is very stable in the air too, no unwanted accidental steering midway through your trick.


The Cannibal 2 does fly rather heavy on the back lines (which in lighter conditions can stall the kite sometimes), and it is slow in comparison to some of the other competitors. However, this isn’t always a downside, if you want a kite that will provide plenty of power and lots of slack when you pop and release the Cannibal 2 does this perfectly. It will also remain stable in the air and won’t steer too much as you pass the bar. Essentially while a lot of “freestyle” kites these days are a compromise, offering fast turning too, the Cannibal 2 is unashamedly a pure freestyle and wakestyle kite. We likened it to riding behind a cable, the kite just pulls and pulls and stays solid in the air.


The new Gin Cannibal 2 is a high-performance freestyle kite with excellent build quality; it fits its bill of freestyle and wakestyle as desired by Gin. The bar system is tidy, straightforward and easy to use. It’s awesome for those wanting a reliable wake style machine that is perfect for unhooking with good amounts of slack.


This review was in Issue 62 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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