Liquid Force Kites Wow V2 10m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Liquid Force Kites Wow V2 10m 2017

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At A Glance

Back for Version 2, the Liquid Force Wow has undergone some upgrades with its construction and performance. We now see the addition of the excellent Challenge Triple Ripstop in the canopy. Not only is this super strong, but it will also increase the longevity of the kite and keep that oh so sweet crispy feeling that much longer!

The kite itself stays the same with three struts and a simple bridle system. There are many attachment points on the kite to really adjust things to suit your own personal style and preference. Still primarily a wave kite, the Wow V2 also lends itself well to a classic freeride kite with excellent upwind ability due to the skinny Leading Edge, direct back line attachments for quick loops, and a relatively low aspect ratio for grunty power across the wind window.

Liquid Forces large ‘Max Flow’ inflation system is present for speedy inflation and deflation, along with protective EVA scuff pads on key areas along the leading edge should you have to self-launch on a rough surface.

Also, present on the Wow V2 is Liquid Forces Synergy Strut technology. Here, rather than simply sewing the strut onto the canopy which can cause huge stress in the stitching, Liquid Force have made the strut in 2 parts and actually incorporated it into the kite structure, resulting is a much tougher kite and less stress on both the canopy and the strut.

“Pivotal turning and large sheeting ability with fantastic drift.”

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m

The Bar

Liquid Force have had a major overhaul on their bars this year, and we could not be happier to have used such a slick one with the Wow V2! Aside from really enjoying the baby blue colour, the bar itself has improved tenfold. Named ‘Mission Control’ or the MC bar for short, it now has a very grippy but smooth coating and an effective insert for the PVC centerline to slide through. The bar ends are neat and compact with short floats attached.

The bar itself is adjustable between 49 and 55cm for personal preference and kite size. Simply by popping out the capsule at the end of the bar, you can position the leader line to one of 3 positions.

The chicken loop is relatively small, with a sturdy chicken loop and a push away release, which is pleasantly simply to reload. An effective swivel connects the chicken loop to the centre line, which is in turn connected to a simple cleat system for the depower. All in all, a simple and effective bar, which is refreshingly clean.

In The Air

The Wow V2 feels calm and responsive in the air. There are no erratic movements or luffs; the kite will maintain its place in the window and provide a constant and steady pull. Diving the kite for your initial run there is no sudden onslaught of power rather a steady build up to pull you out the water and get you on your way.

We initially set the kite up on the standard settings, which provides a firm feedback on the bar and a strong drive through the window when you push the bar out. This is great for some powered twin tip freeriding; boosting big and knowing where your kite is at all times. The jump is floaty and forgiving, not rocketing you into the sky like its brother the NV or HiFi X2, but it will certainly keep you hanging out for a while! The quick turn allows you to loop your kite out of any sticky situations, especially useful on a more crowded beach where you may need to change directing mid jump!

Moving on to wave riding, and you will need to change the settings slightly to take away that powered drive to a more on and off bar throw. However, with so much adjustment on the back line pigtails and also the bar trim itself this is very easy, and you will soon find the sweet spot for both disciplines.

We really enjoyed the Wow V1 in the waves, and the Wow V2 simply builds on this. The newer material adds a crispness to the kite which you can feel when the kite is in the air. The 10 meter we had to test is a great light wind surf kite, a deep enough profile to get you up and planning, but that skinny leading edge just zooms upwind and adds so much speed the apparent wind kicks in quick smart.

Once on the wave the pivotal turning and large sheeting ability with fantastic drift makes the entire experience worry free allowing you to attack the wave to your heart's content.
Should that wind come in, there is a huge amount of depower on the trim system which is a simple cleat, allowing you to be using the kite in a larger wind range than you may think.

Relaunching has become so good across the board now it is more unusual to have a kite NOT relaunch, the Wow V2 didn't have that problem and swung itself round and into position with only minimal bar input; the High Sweeping Wing Tips really help with this. Easy relaunch is a key feature for a wave kite, and the Wow V2 is great in this respect.


The beefed up construction, and updated material is a very welcome addition to this year's Wow V2. There is a powerful drive through the window, which will get you zooming out of any rough spots, and very clear on-off power through the bar enables you to concentrate wholly on your surfing.


It does take a little time to get the set up exactly right on the Wow V2 for enough depower and response for wave riding. Once set. However, the kite behaves exactly as it should, be sure to spend those first few rides tuning the kite to your style of riding!


The Wow V2 is a great kite with an emphasis on wave riding but also with super potential for those who enjoy boosting in a range of conditions too. There are plenty of adjustments on both the kite and bar to get the Wow V2 set to exactly your preference.


This review was in Issue 63 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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