Liquid Force Kites NV 12m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Liquid Force Kites NV 12m 2017

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At A Glance

The NV from Liquid Force has been around for quite some time (formerly known as the Envy) and is favoured world wide for its ease and wide range of use. 2017 has seen a massive jump in Liquid Force kites, and the NV has come back as an even slicker package.

A 3 strut, 4 line, all-round kite, the NV wants to make your kiting as easy as possible so you can concentrate on yourself and not what the kite is doing above your head.

Liquid Force use the extra big inflate valves on their kites now, and coupled with the one-pump system makes setting up super quick and easy.

For 2017, the NV has undergone a profile change, which not only now adds to the ease of use, but stops the wingtip flaring which allows the kite to move faster through the wind window and reduces back stalling in lighter winds.

Sizes: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10.5 / 12 / 13.5 / 15 meters

The Bar

Liquid Force have had a major overhaul on their bars this year and we could not be happier to have used such a slick one with the NV!

Aside from really enjoying the baby blue colour, the bar itself has improved tenfold. Named ‘Mission Control’, or the MC bar for short, it now has a very grippy yet smooth coating and an effective insert for the PVC centre line to slide through. The bar ends are neat and compact with short floats attached.

The chicken loop is relatively small, with a sturdy chicken loop and a push away release, which is simple to reload. An effective swivel connects the chicken loop to the centre line, which is in turn connected to a simple cleat system for the depower. All-in-all, a simple and effective bar that is refreshingly clean.

In The Air

The NV has a massive following and it is obvious to see why; the kite is just super easy! This really adds to its popularity as it allows you concentrate on your own progression and not worry about the kite whatsoever The dependable nature of the kite means it is suitable for people straight out of lessons, to those maxing out technical freestyle moves – all bases are covered, plain and simple.

For those just starting out, the NV sits beautifully above your head whilst you sort yourself out preparing to go. Setting off, there is a smooth acceleration of power which pulls you up onto your board and gets you tracking well. Should you be wobbly, the kite allows you to make a few edging and bar mistakes without you paying for it instantly. This forgiving nature enables you to settle into your groove.

Jumping with the NV is a blast!

A massive range even in just the bar throw allows you to trim your speed easily, whilst to go upwind just edging hard will swing the kite round to a great angle.

By pulling the trim in, the range of the kite is extended further, and the top end seems to go on forever. Even when overpowered you still feel safe and in control, if a little floaty!
Relaunching is simple and easy. Everything at the bar end is very clean so you can see exactly what is going on whilst the kite moves itself round to the edge of the window to pop back up into the sky.

Jumping with the NV is a blast - it just floats and floats! The lower aspect shape really lends itself to some solid hang time and smooth take-offs and landings.

Looping is good, and really inspires confidence with the repetitive nature of the loop every time.

For unhooked freestyle, the NV has bounded forward from last years offering, and provides a great companion to stomp your new freestyle moves. The stable and forgiving nature of the kite really lend themselves to push you into trying something new.


An easy and simple kite to rely on for years of kitesurfing fun, whatever your board or style choice.


Lots of brands are shifting towards double or triple (and in some cases even quadruple) Ripstop fabric and it would be great to see this on the NV in future generations.


The NV 2017 has come on leaps and bounds, with a newer shape, faster flight and solid performance. This coupled with the new MC bar provides a sound package for anyone straight out of lessons to those learning their first few loops and passes, or even wanting to get out and chuck buckets in the waves.


This review was in Issue 60 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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