Liquid Force Kites P1 12m 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Liquid Force Kites P1 12m 2018

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At A Glance

We see many different styles of kites across the market at the moment, from foils to c-kites. One style of kite is growing in popularity year by year, and that’s the high performance freeride / freestyle kite. These are becoming easier to use year by year, and they perform and boost for those wanting the high-end functionality. Liquid Force has introduced something new and exciting for the 2018 season, the P1.

The Liquid Force P1 comes to us as a five strut, mid to high aspect, easy to use performance freeride/hooked freestyle kite. Completely breaking the usual mould for Liquid Force, the P1 has some fantastic features. Triple Ripstop canopy for longevity and stiffness, Tension Trailing Edge to ensure your kite lasts a few seasons, a Low Drag Lightweight Bridle for flying performance, the excellent Max Flow inflation valve and more.

The Liquid Force P1 comes in 5 colourways, ten sizes and is compatible with the 4-line LF control system range.

Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16m

The Bar

The 2018 Mission Control system V2 is again a refinement of the 2017 version. However, we see a major addition… A new Compact 40-46cm variant as well as the standard 49-55cm bar. To the general kiter bar size isn’t so much of a worry, for the riders throwing down passes on 7m kites it’s pretty important. The smaller bar can also change the feel of a kite. We also see the addition of a stainless bushing through the centre of the bar, and a high visibility orange left-hand side bar end.

We got to head out on the Compact version of the bar. The bar itself is noticeably smaller in your hands. Great for those riders who like a smaller bar or for the smaller sizes in your quiver.

The bar itself is very comfortable; a good diameter looks clean and simple. The depower cleat is very easy to use and runs smoothly; the integrated magnet keeps any excess depower trim tucked out the way too. The thicker centre line runs freely through the centre of the bar and new insert. There is a tremendous amount of throw available on the bar, and the range of depower created is vast.

The safety system is again clean and simple, very quick and easy to reset, the new style swivel works like a dream too.

The Mission Control V2 can be converted to be used with 5th line kites too.

“Impressive boosting capabilities combine with blistering performance.”

In the Air

Getting the kite down onto the beach it was instantly apparent that the LF design team had put some work in on the P1. It looks incredibly well finished and is an exceedingly well put together kite.

Launching the P1 you instantly get a feel for the different feedback characteristics of this kite. The P1 gives more of a pull in and go, increased bar pressure feel. With excellent levels of feedback from the kite. You know where it is and what it’s doing at all times. The kite feels very intuitive and is easy to fly. The P1 is fast through the sky, with pivotal turns. The kite is very direct and nimble overhead, it oozes confidence and remains stable in a variety of conditions.

The P1 is powerful, it drives upwind and rides very fast when you want it to. Pull the bar in, and it sits back and pulls like a train. Pop the bar out slightly, and it sits around on the edge and propels you upwind. The power is easy to manage, and the depower range is extensive.

This kite is built for jumping, and its flat profile gives you tons of hangtime while in the air. The fast pivotal turns allow for a rapid takeoff and power is consistent throughout the ascent. The P1 doesn’t need any input while in the air to maximise airtime, hold on maybe pull some board offs and enjoy. I’m sure the smaller sizes are going to be a lot of fun!

We were out on the 12m P1 but couldn’t help chucking in a few downloops and small kiteloops. The direct pivotal turns of this kite combined with its forwards drive allow you to pull loops with ease.

Despite the longer wingspan and high aspect nature of this kite the P1 actually relaunches exceptionally well.


The Liquid Force P1 combines ease of use; large depower range, fast pivotal turns, boosting capabilities and good relaunch. So pretty ideal for a variety of riders out there.


Nothing caught our attention with the P1.


The Liquid Force P1 boasts simplicity and performance; with a new style and feel it is a brilliant addition to the LF lineup. It’s direct, it delivers excellent feedback through the bar, it's powerful, it’s easy to use, its fast and it boosts. A versatile kite that will suit a vast range of riders, from those starting out to those wanting to boost as high as possible and hang for as long as possible.


This review was in Issue 69 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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