Flysurfer Boost3 9m 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer Boost3 9m 2018

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At A Glance

Back for its 3rd carnation, the Boost3 has been eagerly anticipated thanks to the quality and performance of the previous version. A high aspect five strut kite, the Boost3 is Flysurfers freeride and boosting machine with an emphasis on all-around usability.

The Boost3 has had work done on its bridle system with a new shorter length and configuration which produces a much more direct feel and aids the stability of the kite.

The main design of the kite stays much the same for this year, but with small tweaks here and there, the Boost3 is an improved version of the much-loved Boost2 rather than a total redesign.

The struts have had their construction changed to make them lower weight and harder wearing, perfect for prolonging the life of your kite. Flysurfer detailing is present all over the kite with reinforcements in key areas but never overdoing it.

The kite itself features a high load force frame which holds the shape of the kite rigid at all times, allowing the huge forces to go through the canopy without distortion or instability.
New also for the Boost3 are the line deflectors situated near the back line attachment points. Simple in design; however, the effect is the end of any lines being caught around the wingtip, which can often happen in lighter wind relaunches or when the kite rolls.

The 13 and 15-meter versions of the Boost3 also have a trailing edge bridle, the Adaptive Airfoil Bridle, to allow for even easier relaunch in those super light winds. This can also be fitted to the 11meter if desired. This is useful for those who are foiling in those super light winds.

The kite features a self-launch feature which enables you to attach your kite to the supplied sandbag, for easy self-landing without dragging your kite across the ground.

Sizes: 5,7,9,11,13,15 meters

The Bar

The Infinity 3.0 CC control bar features a thinner bar profile combined with a new EVA grip; this made the experience of flying this kite comfortable. The release on the Infinity 3.0 is maybe not as aesthetically appealing as some of the releases out there but worked flawlessly in all conditions. Flysurfer’s swivel system at the base of its centre line worked effortlessly, so multiple rotations will never be a problem.

The lines that come with the Infinity 3.0 bar are designed for low drag while maintaining high breaking strains. If you’re looking to get into the tech side of racing, then line drag will play a big part in upwind ability, while the high breaking strains will give you the confidence to go as high as you dare. Flysurfer claims these lines have the best drag to breaking strain ratio on the market at the moment.

The Infinity 3.0 comes with either a Clam Cleat (CC) or Pull Pull (PP) depower system. We had the CC bar on test, which worked well and is slightly tidier than the PP system on offer.

“The Boost3 is a high-performance jumping machine that flies upwind!”

In The Air

The Boost3 is a real joy to fly and certainly encourages you to have fun while kiting.
Fast through the sky, it is this speed which gets your trucking upwind with ease, and will also pull you through any small lulls in the wind.

The power delivery is smooth and constant, and the higher aspect design of the kite keeps continuous power at the edge of the window, making those first few runs easy and limiting the amount of downwind riding, which we all fall victim to!

There is good feedback through the bar, and even when the wind picks up, the pressure increases slightly but not too much to have you wishing you had been a regular at the gym this winter. The depower system on the bar works well, and we found we were able to stay out on the water far longer than we expected in the increasing wind.

Jumping, or boosting, is when the Boost3 comes alive. The faster you go into the jump, the higher you will go, and the speed you can attain is impressive! Learning to jump with the Boost3 is really good, the kite flies forwards at all points so will stay above your head and drive into that redirect even if you are a little unsure with your control.

For those bigger jumps, you will quite literally fly. The kite keeps lifting all the way through, and the distance covered on the water is very impressive. Just make sure you give yourself enough space to land in some water and not on the beach!

A downloop is often needed on the bigger jumps, and the kite comes round quickly and pulls you out with speed. For more aggressive kite loops, the Boost3 has a tight loop with plenty of forwards drive.

Not a freestyle specific kite, that is where the Stoke comes into play, the Boost3 still does work well unhooked, and will certainly let you mix up your old school tricks with some new school manoeuvres throughout your sessions.

As with many higher aspect kites, they can be flown backwards by exerting extra pressure on the back lines. Though this can be confusing to beginners who have the habit of hanging onto their bar, it also makes relaunch super easy in lighter winds as you can reverse launch the kite off the water. And similarly, in stronger winds, the relaunch is very simple, apply a little tension to one of the back lines to encourage the kite to roll over.


A huge range of performance for a massively diverse range of people, with the ability to quite literally fly.


We did struggle with the inflate valve a few times, and there was a fair bit more pumping than would have been necessary, but once we got the knack of the system we were away.
The bar also we feel could be modernised. Though entirely functional, it does seem a little dated compared to some of the other bars out there.


The Boost3 is an all-around dream. Huge jumps covering huge distances, ease of use and a massive range. This year the graphics have been taken up a notch and are smart with stylish colour ways for different size indication. If you are after a new freeride kite to perform some big airs and old school moves on, the Boost3 should be a serious contender.


This review was in Issue 69 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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