Flysurfer SOUL 10m 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer SOUL 10m 2018

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At A Glance

Since 2001, Flysurfer have been pushing the boundaries of foil kite design. We have recently seen some pretty exciting stuff come into the water market, the Stoke kite and Rush twintip, which we loved.

We have recently had our hands on the latest closed cell foil kite from Flysurfer. The Soul. The Soul is aimed at the freeride, freestyle and foil market, the fun end not the race end. The Soul is designed to give the user an easy to use, safe, performance foil for a magnitude of different sports and disciplines.

Featuring a new X-light double ripstop and a DLX + reinforced leading edge the Soul is set to not only be lightweight but super durable, so no worries here for those land kiters shredding the beach. Flysurfer have also added an easy to use bridle check system, so you can adjust and keep the kite flying perfectly for years to come. Wanting to ensure the Soul is as safe as possible, Flysurfer have improved the automatic water drainage on the Soul to allow for deep water launches even in light winds.

The Soul can be used with any of Flysurfer’s control systems, so there is an option to suit every rider. As with other Flysurfer models colours are dependent on size.

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21m

The Bar

The new Infinity 3.0 control bar features a thinner bar profile combined with a new EVA grip; this made the experience of flying this kite really comfortable. The release on the Infinity 3.0 is maybe not as aesthetically appealing as some of the releases out there but worked perfectly in all conditions. Flysurfer’s swivel system at the base of its centre line worked effortlessly, so multiple rotations will never be a problem.

The lines that come with the Infinity 3.0 bar are designed for low drag while maintaining high breaking strains. If you’re looking to get into the tech side of racing then line drag will play a big part in upwind ability, while the high breaking strains will give you the confidence to boost as high as you dare.

While personally I would like to see moulded soft bar ends on some of the Flysurfer bar options, I see pluses for the current bar ends; when it comes to wear on land and weight for the race bar.

The new CC version, Clam Cleat, is a nice addition to the range giving the bar a very clean and simple look. We found the adjustment using the clam cleat to be more precise than that of the Pull Pull option. However, which to choose is still a matter of personal preference.

“An exceptional kite with so many possibilities”

In the Air

I find foils quite hard to predict, some look the business but don’t stump up the goods once in the air. The Soul however was on point. Immediately after launching it became apparent this was going to be a great kite. The first characteristic that shone was the forwards drive in the turns. A lot of foils in large sizes will turn very aggressively like a pivot and cause the kite to stall slightly. The Soul however had a very progressive driving turn in all conditions. This did 2 things. Firstly it made the experience a lot more like flying an LEI. Secondly it avoided unnecessary stalls into the water when out on large kites, turning in ultra-light winds.

The kite itself is responsive, rapid though the turns and sky, the feedback on the bar is what I would class as ideal, ample but not enough to make it feel heavy. The depower range is extensive on the bar and the kite handles gusty conditions well also. The kite promotes confidence throughout all sessions, top points for ease of use.

Light winds were a doddle on the 10m Soul, of course not super light you would want to opt for the 21m for that but right down at its low end it still performed and was simple and remained easy to fly.

Ramping it up a bit we managed to get out in some meatier winds and take the 10m for a boost! It was such a floaty and fast experience. This kite really is quick for its size so sending big jumps are effortless and very intuitive for myself as an LEI rider. I didn’t pluck up the courage to huck any big loops as seen on the web by Flysurfers 12 year old ripper Jamie but I did have some mega floaty downloops on my boosts.

One was a little hairy landboarding as I was not expecting that much float but the kite did the hard work and let me down easy. For myself unhooking wasn’t as easy as it is on an LEI, however it is most definitely possible, there is slack, but learning how to create this and control it with the foil is something you’ll need to work on.

Relaunch was simple using one line only and worked in most conditions well. Riding at a wave spot I wouldn’t want to dump it out back but, in the shallows, and on land it was great.


Instantaneously it was apparent just how nimble the Soul is for its size as well as just how high performance it can be when you want it to be. It is very responsive and really drives forwards in the turns. Relaunch from the water for a foil was simple and quick, luckily, we managed to avoid the waves as well. Floaty McFloaterson!


Nothing to report here with the Soul, we thoroughly enjoyed the kite. Maybe those moulded bar ends for freeride and freestyle? It’s also worth noting for the racers out there this kite is a fantastic option for your first foil experience, however there are faster models in the line up like the Flysurfer Sonic.


An exceptional bit of equipment with many possibilities; from kitesurfing and mountain boarding to snowkiting and kite buggy. The kite is super easy to use, it’s very direct in the air and its ability to drive forwards in turns with a progressive arc makes the flying experience even closer to that of an LEI. A really good contender to those looking for a light wind option which will equally perform in various elements of kitesports. Suitable for beginners all the way through to experienced professionals.


This review was in Issue 68 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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