Flysurfer SOUL 2 10m 2021 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer SOUL 2 10m 2021

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At A Glance

When it comes to foil kites, FLYSURFER is known for performance. The SOUL, first released in 2018, was packed full of performance features that make kiting feel effortless. It earned its reputation as a kite that provided riders with precise control and fantastic bar feedback, making it a genuinely forgiving and very user-friendly foil kite. The newly released 2nd edition of the SOUL, which hit the market in 2021, sees FLYSURFER make some modifications that give this kite an even better feeling when on the water.

TX-Light Hardfinish fabric is used throughout the construction of this kite, providing extremely high tear resistance and great ageing resistance whilst also being very stiff, helping the kite keep its shape. The leading edge consists of DLX+ Fabric which helps protect this area from sharp objects and abrasion… great for those that have a local beach that isn't sandy! Both of these materials are super light, more like something you'd see in a paraglider than a kite. Experienced foil kiters - or soft kite riders - might be familiar with this high-tech fabric, but those coming from the inflatables side of kiting might be surprised and impressed.

The SOUL features the 4-Level Ram Air Technology (A, B, C & Z). Controlling these four levels improves turning ability and makes relaunching easy. The kite is able to change its angle of attack without losing any stability giving the rider great performance.

Along the leading edge, you'll notice the air intakes for how the kite takes its shape. There are two velcro "pockets" on the trailing edge that need to be tucked in and closed before launching to keep the air in. After your session, the kite can be deflated by opening up the "pockets".

The outstanding feature here is once the kite is filled with air, these intakes automatically shut off by pressing together. This prevents any self deflating… something you never want to happen with a foil kite! Along the trailing edge of each wingtip, two drainage holes allow any dirt, water or small objects like stones from your beach to run through and out of the kite.

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21

In The Air

From an effortless launch, the SOUL gives the rider a great feeling both from the bar and when flying through the air. Whether you're a beginner who's never flown a foil kite before or an advanced rider who uses them all the time, it's a kite that provides an easy fly, simple handling and maximum durability. First-time flyers might need a more experienced foil rider to run through the set-up and launch process, as the bridles seem quite complex compared to a simple tube kite bridle.

On the performance side, the low-end performance is exceptional, just as you would expect. Being such a lightweight kite, it flies in near to no wind and gets you on the water when those days for an L.E.I. kite might not. When the wind does drop, the kite is as stable as you like and just sits perfectly at 12 with very little bar input. FLYSURFER does suggest shortening the lines if you choose to foil with the Soul. This will help provide a quicker turning speed and overall response with the kite.

We had the new SOUL 10m to test and gave blasting on a twin tip a go. The jumping performance was spot-on. Where this kite really stood out was the hangtime and lift it generated. Although it is slightly slower generally around the turns compared to a smaller L.E.I. kite, it provides incredible hangtime with a very floaty feel. It's deceiving how much power these kites generate, and with various tweaking points across the bridles, you can really put this kite through its paces with whatever discipline you choose to ride! Yes, you can even megaloop the SOUL, and Olly Bridge is proof of that!


If you foil and want to get out on those really light days, then having a SOUL in the quiver is a no-brainer. It's got everything you want in a foil kite. It's built to last forever, and it gives a range of riding abilities the option to get on the water in very little wind. It's so easy to fly and so efficient in the air, and it can help develop your skills in whatever you choose to do! Although generally foil kites are priced higher than L.E.I.'s, the SOUL is well worth the £. If you're like us at IKSURFMAG and are always itching for the next breath of wind, then give the SOUL a fly, and you'll be spending more time in the water than out of it!


This review was in Issue 91 of IKSURFMAG.

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By H. De Villiers

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