Flysurfer Stoke 2 10m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer Stoke 2 10m 2019

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At A Glance

Flysurfer have undergone a makeover, and the resulting look is clean and fresh. We were excited to get our hands on the new Stoke; Flysurfer's all-round wave and freestyle tube kite - right in time for the 2019 season!

The Stoke is a three strut mid aspect kite, with a new compact bridle system and tweaked profile. The construction quality has increased, and the finish matches this. The new High Load Force Frame is made using high strength; low wear fibres that have huge resistance against the highest of stresses going through the canopy, producing a smoother airflow which, in turn, improves flight stability.

Flysurfer use the highly regarded Teijin D2 double ripstop and interestingly use the same on their paragliders stating there is simply no need for the additional yarns to be included. The leading edge and struts use high-quality Dacron, which has been cut down to use only the minimum amount to reduce unwanted weight.

Flysurfer uses the Free Flow Valve system, which is super quick for inflating and deflating. Don’t be alarmed if you have never seen this before; it is the same system as used for SUPs and is easy to use once you get the knack. One pump as expected, and a stylish backpack type bag to carry it all in.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 meters

“A Great Riding Experience For Both Waves And Freestyle.”

The Bar

Much anticipated and very, very welcome is the brand new FORCE bar from Flysurfer. Available in 2 sizes, the bar is compatible with all the kitesurf kites within the FS range.
The FORCE bar is entirely new, and FS has taken the best elements from many highly regarded bars into the mix.

Starting with the Chicken loop, Flysurfer have gone for the Iron heart system. Initially made by Boards and More over a decade ago and a feature on Duotone and F-ONE bars among others. This tried and tested design works very well and ensures the user will have a fail-safe system every session.

The PU coated double centre line, and safety line can move freely through the bar with no catching or snagging thanks to the easily replaceable insert. There is a handy swivel, which enables you to keep your centre lines twist free on the go. From here, Flysurfer have used a simple and effective cleat system for on the go trimming, Tried and tested, this system is the go-to for brands worldwide as it works so well.

The grip on the actual bar looks clean and feels fantastic even after hours on the water or with numb hands. Comfortable and firm but no blisters in sight; dreamy! There are moulded bar ends for comfort.

The lines are high quality and designed and chosen with aerodynamics and longevity in mind. The bar comes in 3 sizes, with the smallest of the 3 having a shorter centre line (by 10cm), and each of these bars is also adjustable under the bar end to alter not only the distance between the two outside lines but also the length of the steering lines.

As with all of Flysufers products, great thought has been taken at every step of the way, and this bar is undoubtedly worth the wait.

In The Air

The Stoke has built on its predecessor and has amplified key elements to create an incredibly fun and versatile kite which will suit a huge array of riders. Initially, the entire package has been updated, and this is apparent not only through the great new image but also the instant feel through the bar. The feedback is heightened with a more direct feel and precise holding force.

We were lucky enough to spend some good time testing all sizes of the Stoke, and what is apparent is the different characteristic displayed by them all with the smaller kites being more wave dedicated, the mid sizes were fantastic for those high wind boosts and loops, then the bigger sizes primed for unhooked freestyle handling.

Throughout all sizes, the feel through the bar is maintained with good feedback and a moderate holding force resulting in almost no fatigue through your arms or harness. We found even when the kite was trimmed at the top of its range, there was no loss of feeling, and on that note, the range of the kites we felt had been increased in the top end to match the huge lower end.

The Stoke V2 has an uncanny ability to offer encouragement for both advancement and chill out at the same time. Cruisy in nature, it is slightly slower handling speed lends itself to a relaxed ride. However, get aggressive with the kite, and it will show you some aggression back with powerful loops, big jumps and great unhooked performance.

The Stoke V2 has an easily accessible jump, which keeps you hanging around for quite some time. Not as much of a booster as the Boost, or of course the Soul, the Stoke V2 will leave you grinning as you perfect your stunts underneath.

Throwing some loops with the kite proves to be even more fun. Of note is how dependable the kite was and clockwork the kite loops were in all conditions. Never once did the kite stall or we feel out of control, it’s a great confidence inspirer.

In the waves, the Stoke V2 proves itself with tight turns, phenomenally stable drift, and great response through the bar.
Unhooking the kite is super stable, and the relatively low aspect provides a solid pull to edge against which will, in turn, pull you through the trick and out the other side with speed.

Relaunching proved no bother, and even after trying to get ourselves into sticky situations, we found the kite merrily sitting waiting for us.


The Stoke V2 is a welcome upgrade on Flysurfers well-regarded Stoke V1. Important changes have been made not only to the construction and quality, but also the performance has been developed to match the new fresh image of the brand.
A great riding experience for both waves and freestyle make this kite a sure choice for those keen riders on the beach who like to get out no matter the conditions and make the most of each precious session.


This review was in Issue 75 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
With years of kite sport experience combined, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the highest quality of knowledge on the best equipment the industry has to offer.

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