Ocean Rodeo Roam 8m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Ocean Rodeo Roam 8m 2019

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At A Glance

Ocean Rodeo have their biggest line up of kites this year, and the Roam is the dedicated wave kite within the range.

Featuring three struts, a short bridle system, and a thick leading edge; the Roam has been designed to excel in the real world kitesurfing conditions we all experience.

Made with high quality Teijin double RipStop throughout the canopy, the Leading Edge and Struts use the KP-E Dacron, which together create a strong and resilient kite. Add to this Kevlar abrasion pads, Buck stitching and Ocean Rodeo’s Load Distribution knowledge and you have a kite that is built to last.

New for the 2019 version of the Roam, we see a tapered leading edge and struts to reduce drag as much as possible, precision curve struts which hold the canopy shape even above the strut, and a new speed inflation system, again for an even greater reduction in drag and an even faster set up time.

All Ocean Rodeo kites come in the Sherpa bag which is brilliantly sized to house not only your kite, but your wetsuit, harness, towel, and enough snacks to keep you going for a day at the beach.

Sizes: 5,6,7,8,9.5,12 meters

The Bar

We used The Roam with the well thought-out Pilot Bar. Ocean Rodeo also have the Shift Bar which uses a bar end knob to alter the trim.

The Ocean Rodeo Pilot control bar comes stacked with interesting features. The bar is an above-the-bar trim, with below-the-bar swivel ensuring you've got what you need where you need it.

The bar features a bungee depower trim line, which ensures there's no chance of getting your trim caught around the outside lines. The grip and appearance is very clean and super simple: simplicity works! The grip is super soft and comfortable, and the moulded bar ends are perfect in case you slip while going for that first unhooked move. The centre line depower travel is considerable which enables a great range of depower on the fly when in trickier conditions.

The Pilot bar comes with a tough chicken loop; this enables a quick direct hook up with the harness. The integrated below-the-bar swivel works effortlessly unpinning those centre lines. Ocean Rodeo’s quick release system is incredibly tidy and easy to reassemble; if there’s ever a need to release and you want to get going again, it’s a breeze!

Variable line lengths on the bar make every session even more customisable. Longer lines dish out a slower feel with more boost and float. The shorter line configurations are great for shredding the waves!

“solid performance even in average conditions.”

In The Air

The Roam instantly impressed us with its sizable low end. We used this kite first of all on a very marginal day, but the 8 meter kite housed enough punch and speed to get us out cruising and pulling into some solid Atlantic swell.

Fast in flight, you are able to generate good apparent power which can be turned off in an instant with the impressive depower range through the bar. There is a definite sweet spot here, and once found will enable you to pull into all manner of situations without the stress of the kite letting you down.

The Roam is a kite that likes to be flown, and the more aggressive you are the more you will get in return. Suited well for small to medium sized waves in this respect, there is a flowing nature, which encourages you to start linking turns and racing toward the next section to hit.

On the bigger days, or simply for some classic down-the-line fun, the Roam drifts well with minimal input required. Again the large throw through the bar meaning you are able to easily reengage if needed for quick evacuation.

The Roam also doubles as a good choice for those interested in the growing discipline of strapless freestyle with some great lift available, and stability above your head in flight. Landings are soft with plenty of control through the bar. Even on a twin tip we felt you would be satisfied with the kite for a bit of old school freeride fun on those days where the waves were in short supply.

Relaunch on any wave kite is good, and the Roam does not deviate from this with 10/10 for relaunch attempts even in the chunkiest of sets.


Fast flight, good range and solid performance even in average conditions.


We found the bar slightly chunky for our liking. The trend is now on slimmer and simpler bars and whilst the Pilot bar is perfectly adequate, we do prefer one more streamlined.


Ocean Rodeo’s Roam is a dedicated Wave kite for those who wish to seek out the best of the planets breaks. Power on demand, tight turns and excellent drift make this kite reliable even in the heaviest waves. The relaunch is quick and easy, and the kite has a large wind range to keep you out on the water as long as possible.


This review was in Issue 76 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Ocean Rodeo


By Robin and Sukie
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