Airush Wave V8 9m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Airush Wave V8 9m 2019

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At A Glance

The Wave V8 is back for 2019 as part of Airush’s extensive kite line up. Dedicated entirely to those who seek the kite to shred all manner of waves in all conditions, it has been fine-tuned for maximum response, drift and stability.

The Wave houses 3 struts, is of moderate aspect ratio, and uses the Airush Load Frame V4 for incredible stability and stiffness throughout the canopy and flight. The load frame has integrated high modulus polyethylene yarns
The kite comes supplied with 2 sets of bridles; a fixed bridle for more direct response, and a pulley bridle for smoother feel and better gust handling. It comes ready to fly with the pulley bridle attached, though it is simple to switch the two over.

The canopy is made using Technoforce D2 double RipStop which has proven high performance strength-to-weight ratio, one-pump is in play and there is a large volume inflate/deflate valve for extra fast set up and pack down.

Airush have also created their range of kite bags using recycled plastic bottles which sadly, more often then not, can find their way into the worlds rivers and oceans.

Sizes: 5,6,7,8,9,10,12 meters

The Bar

We used the Wave V8 with the Core Cleat Bar V4. Airush have a huge range of bars, which works very well as you can select exactly which attributes you would like. The Core Cleat Bar V4 works with all Airush’s 4 line kites and is one of the simpler bars in their range.
Featuring a slim diameter bar with ultra-skinny grip for ease of use no matter your hand size, a clean cleat based depower system for smooth trimming on the go, and high-quality safety system with the Brain 3.0 quick release. The Core Cleat Bar V4 can also customise the bar length by a substantial 10cm, which enables you to alter the feel of the kite to your taste.
The lines are of high quality, and the single line re-ride safety system goes through the low Y set up.

"the kite easily doubles as a go-to freeride machine"

In The Air

From the offset the Wave V8 is an incredibly smooth and responsive kite. It holds itself well in the air even in lighter winds, and you can really feel the solid support of the Load Frame come into play.

The kite sits relatively deep in the window, however still pulls upwind well. Put a little bit of trim on and you can achieve some great angles here with only minimal effort. There is a small amount of lateral pull in the Wave V8, however it is not enough to be worried about being pulled off your board in gusts. The depower through the bar is excellent, and is worth playing with to alter the feel of the kite not just simply adjust the power on offer.

Onto some waves and the Wave V8 does exactly what it has been designed to do with some effortless down-the-line drift. Even with your bar out and minimal input the kite stays responsive enough to control flight. Engage the bar for a livelier flight and the ability to pivot the kite before it drives you forward to seek out the next section to hit.

The Wave V8 is also a secret performer for the more freeride orientated rider, or one who wishes to mix it up between waves and some freeride fun. The fast flight makes for some great fun jumping and controllable loops in all wind conditions, and even unhooked the kite stays solid and has enough performance to pop the odd trick with style and amplitude.

The kite relaunches like a dream, with either an easy hot launch should you be in that situation, or a gradual drift round to the edge where it will dutifully sit until you are ready.


The Wave V8 flies well in a huge range of conditions, turns on a sixpence, drifts like a dream and is a secret freeride weapon for those so inclined.


There is a slight bit of back stall in the Wave V8 when no trim is applied and the bar close in, however by simply adding some trim in the lighter winds, or if you have a tendency to hang on the bar, this can be eliminated.


The Wave V8 is a dedicated wave kite for those who need a fast flying, pivotal turning and highly tuneable kite to keep up as they search out new breaks. It has masses of depower through the bar allowing you to dump power, stall and turn which develops into a brilliant drive out, and powers you toward the next section to hit. Not only this, the kite easily doubles as a go-to freeride machine with enough boosting ability to satisfy your needs on those flatter days or when you just want to mix it up. We thoroughly enjoyed the Wave V8 and can only recommend it for those who are after a kite in this class.


This review was in Issue 76 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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