Peter Lynn Synergy 10m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Peter Lynn Synergy 10m 2019

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At A Glance

The Synergy from newly rebranded PLKB is designed to be a foiling and travel companion of super light weight construction and versatile design. A single strut kite, it has an open canopy design for maximum efficiency and a pulley bridle system for feedback and control.

Weight is a big factor with the Synergy, and PLKB have worked hard to eliminate any excess. The single strut instantly keeps things simple, and measures have been taken to rid the kite of any excess bumper pads or reinforcement unless critical to the kite. The canopy is made using double Ripstop for superior strength-to-weight ratio, and the entire leading edge is double-stitched to add strength but reduce weight.

The Synergy packs down super small, and would be the perfect size to take as your carry-on hand luggage whilst travelling. A simple repair pack is included with the kite, as is a very handy stuff-sack for loosely packing the kite between sessions.

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12meters

The Bar

The newly updated Navigator V6 bar has everything you need and in a well composed package. Lines are of excellent quality and there is a simple and well-thought-out single line re-ride system straight from the push-away safety mechanism on the chicken loop. The moulded loop is large enough for any unhooking, yet small enough to keep close contact with your body, and good for those with shorter arms.

The bar itself features moulded bar ends and the grip is pronounced which adds to comfort and feedback through flight. The centre line runs freely through the bar insert, and we never once felt any stickiness with turning and sheeting in or out.

The ClamCleat depower system works very well, is smooth, and offers a large amount of control in varied conditions without loosing feedback.

The Navigator V6 comes in a range of sizes with differing line lengths to allow you to really customise your experience.

"The Synergy is a powerful kite, which enables you to get out riding in those more marginal conditions"

In The Air

The Synergy is a powerful kite, which enables you to get out riding in those more marginal conditions. A very open design, the canopy makes full use of its size and you would be forgiven for thinking you were on a kite far greater in size.
Initial thoughts are of how smooth the power delivery is. Feeling very much like a ‘wing’ as well as a kite, you are able to manipulate the Synergy to take you exactly where you want to go.

Hugely forward flying, the Synergy powers upwind, and even on a twin tip in marginal conditions a bit of speed gets you exactly where you want to be after each trick.

Designed very much with foiling in mind, there is a distinct lightness to the feel of the Synergy, and even once the wind comes in a notch, the bar pressure never reaches the ‘heavy’, let alone the ‘firm’, stage.

Once that wind comes in, the kite will depower a certain amount, yet with it being so efficient in light winds, it does top out relatively early and the canopy does start to flare too much to be really usable. That being said, this is simply not what the Synergy has been designed for, so please ensure you do not ride it above the guidelines offered.

The bar throw is large, but with it comes an extraordinary change in the power delivery. Fantastic for powering you forwards and dumping all power to focus on what you are doing.

A twin tip provides a different experience on the Synergy, still very chilled, you are also able to perform some fun jumps and spins with a large amount of float. Not for looping as the kite does tend to produce a pivotal stalling spin, but fantastic for some cruisey freeride fun.

Relaunching is simple, the curvature of the leading edge helping things here. Of course in those super light winds it will require you to be quick in your movements to get it off the surface before it gets bogged in sea water.


You are able to manipulate the Synergy to a huge degree making it fantastic for freeride kitesurfing and foiling in light winds.


The Synergy has a large low end, but does top out quite quickly due to the efficiency of the low end of the kite.


The Synergy is a kite for the hydrofoil enthusiast who has a thirst for travelling and needs that light weight kite to accompany them on trips. Masses of low-end power it will get you rocking far earlier than thought. Coupled with a hydrofoil, you will be into single digit territory in terms of wind speed. Good fun once there is enough for a twin tip too, you are able to perform some smile-inducing jumps and spins with good float and control.


This review was in Issue 77 of IKSURFMAG.

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