Peter Lynn Fury V3 10m 2016 Kitesurfing Review

Peter Lynn Fury V3 10m 2016

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At A Glance

Peter Lynn have been making kites longer than most, starting with foil kites back in the day and then becoming popular with the Twinskin design of the Guerrilla and Phantom. They started making LEI kites a few years ago, and the latest incarnation of the Fury is firmly focused on the big air, freeride and race side of kiting.

The Fury is a 5-strut, high aspect design with a reasonably short front bridle and direct connection at the rear. The kite features a pulley-less bridle allowing for a solid feel at the control bar. A high flow valve combines with a one-pump system on the Fury, giving the user a quick and easy set up. Who doesn't want that?!

The Fury has been designed to be ultra lightweight ensuring the rider can make the most of even the lightest conditions on the water. Creating a high lift with minimal drag the Fury is also very efficient on the race course. With multiple attachment points across the wingtip, the kite can be completely adjusted to suit the riders’ needs.

Sizes: 6m, 8m, 10m, 13m, 15m, 17m.

The Bar

The Fury comes with the Navigator bar, in the ‘small’ 52cm size. It's a well-built bar with an ergonomic grip and clear colour identification. Integrated floats and bar ends keep things tidy with an above-the-bar trim system that uses a cleat system to offer easy tuning while you ride. There is a good quality insert allowing the centre lines to slide freely without snags. The safety release is a usual push-away affair with excellent components. On the top is a spinning mechanism so you can get any twists out of your lines after a few too many back rolls! The bar uses a single line re-ride system that is attached to your leash in either safety or suicide mode. The bar comes with four 21m lines with 3m extensions, again allowing you to customise your kite.

In The Air

Instantly as we launched the Fury, it was apparent just how great it was in a variety of wind conditions. Firstly we had the Fury 10m out in gusts of well over 35mph; the kite handled very well and the amount of depower available to the user was incredible at this end of the scale. The second test took us to the other end of the spectrum, testing out the extreme light wind handling abilities of the kite. Due to the kites lightweight nature, it is easy to keep the Fury in the air. Once you get the airflow moving over the kite, you can start to generate a lot of power and this is going to be one of the first 10m kites to get going at the beach!

The Fury delivers its aim in giving the user a very direct manageable feel on the bar; this kite is ultra quick and responsive. With light bar pressure the Fury is a breeze to fly.

“Hammering upwind on the Fury comes included in the price.”

When jumping the Fury gives a cracking amount of boost, propelling the user into the air. Hang time is exceptional on the Fury due to its flat high-profile design. You get plenty of float in your jumps and gentle landings are easy to manage too.

Hammering upwind on the Fury comes included in the price, its design allows the user to edge hard, driving the Fury out towards the edge of the wind window, maximising your upwind performance. Stability is another word we want to use to describe the kite; it is rock solid in the air, no matter what the conditions are!


The Fury was incredibly easy to use; vast depower and quick turning speeds, and it creates a lot of power when held stationary.


At the very top end of the kites wind range, we did notice there was a tendency for the wing tips to be a little unstable when boosting really big jumps and loading the kite up a lot. Under normal loads, we didn’t experience this issue, but if you plan to ride this kite overpowered you might come across the same niggles.


The Peter Lynn Fury is an incredible kite for blasting upwind, freeriding and user friendliness. It has a great low end and can handle some serious wind, although we did find the limits of its capabilities when seriously overpowered. The Fury will be well suited to the intermediate to advanced riders out there looking for a fast LEI race kite, or a kite that can rip upwind and deliver big floaty jumps. Construction is excellent and the new bar system is really well put together too.


This review was in Issue 56 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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