Ozone C4 V6 10m 2016 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone C4 V6 10m 2016

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At A Glance

Ozone have been around since the beginning of time. Initially a paragliding company they have been designing high-end aerofoils for years, this has most definitely transferred to their kite designs. This issue we will be taking a look at the all new Ozone C4 V6.

The C4 V6 has been completely redesigned this year to boast the ability to fly either in 4-line mode or 5-line mode. The C4 V6 ships with the 4-line option as standard but can easily be converted to 5-lines in a matter of minutes down the beach. The 4-line mode can be adjusted to suit either wakestyle/freestyle riding with medium pressures and turning, the freeride setting in 4-line mode allows the rider to lighten the bar pressure and turning as well as gaining increased depower. As many high-end freestylers out there will know, the 5-line setting will increase the power obtained while popping. Maximising slack for those latest passes, while maintaining a direct feel from the kite on the bar.

Featuring Teijin Technoforce D2 ripstop and Teijin Dacron the kite is sure to be a well built and robust addition to anyone's quiver. Strength and quality is something you never need to worry about with Ozone; kites are 100% hand checked in their very own factory before making their way to you at the beach. The V6 features tons of construction and design elements such as; Anti-flap battens, internal reinforcements, direct connect struts, a pulley-less bridle and much more. All these elements make up the C4.

The new graphics on the C4 V6 are clean and simple but look incredible. If you fancy mixing it up a little get, you kite made in your own custom colours or even have some custom printing added!


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The Bar

The C4 V6 comes with its very own bar system, most of the kites in the Ozone freeride range use the same bar however the C4’s bar is slightly different. There's nothing so say you couldn't use any other current Ozone bar, however, the C4 bar is excellent! 38 or 45cm in length, 500/300kg lines, a shorter centre line, bungee trim line and a large chicken loop. This has probably got your attention already, if not, don’t forget to check out the new soft bar ends and the ultra safe safety release which enables a rider to release even when clipped to the bar in “unhooking mode”.

In The Air

Well… we’re going to start by giving you the 4-line low down first. The C4 has always been known for its incredible speed through the air, huge boosting ability and solid frame. This is something that hasn't been left out. The 10m is rapid, controlled when you want it to be but crank that bar and you’re off, boosting till your stomach muscles cant take any more! So direct and precise through the sky. Water relaunch is as great as it gets on a c-kite, it’s never going to match any beginners models but is still easy in the trickiest of situations. Some of you may not be too keen on the extra line to untangle so fear not, the 4-line mode is still incredible for unhooking giving a powerful and aggressive pop. Next, we popped the kite onto the freeride setting on the front bridle; this delivered a lighter feel on the bar which would most definitely suit those looking for a softer c-kite experience.

5th line mode is the one you'll all be wanting to hear about; we’ve not got a lot to say… It’s the C4 we all know and love. It just pings you like a rubber band into the bar, slackening off to perfection, is insanely direct, and you should get one! You will find the kite rolls over perfectly when relaunching on the 5-line setup.


The V6 C4 is an incredibly versatile high-performance kite that can be altered to suit your riding preferences for the day; its robust construction leaves a solid and precise feel for the rider.


The Ozone inflation system has always been one of the fastest however some larger inflation valves are out now, and it would be great to see this at some point on the C4.


For those of you looking for the ultimate boosting, looping, slack creating kite the C4 V6 is for you! Usual bombproof Ozone build quality is present. The C4 V6 isn't for the faint-hearted; you’ll want to be pushing wake style/ freestyle boundaries before heading onto this weapon. It does have a new brother the Enduro, which is aimed for those looking for a more chilled flying experience.


This review was in Issue 58 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
With years of kite sport experience combined, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the highest quality of knowledge on the best equipment the industry has to offer.

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