Ozone Chrono V2 13m 2016 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Chrono V2 13m 2016

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At A Glance

After huge success with the original Chrono a couple of years ago Ozone bring us the new Chrono V2. It’s commonly found down the beach being used by landboard and buggy riders, kitesurfers foiling or boosting and even up in the mountains pulling a snowkiter around. It’s the all-terrain weapon from Ozone and comes to us pitched as a mid to high aspect ratio, all-round performance foil kite. Not to be confused with the race version from Ozone the ‘R1”, the Chrono is aimed to bring an easier handling experience and increased stability to the rider.

Ozone jam pack features into their foil kites, they use internal straps to ensure a solid canopy, L.E reinforcements to keep a solid aerodynamic profile and some seriously advanced materials to ensure it's not only strong but delivers the performance and handling required. Complete with the usual foil features like sand and water drainage vents, closed air intakes, Ozone kites are hand checked in their very own factory to ensure your model is on point.

The Chrono is available in three production colours, however, you can request a customisation on colours if you wish. Control systems for the Chrono are either the Foil - Contact or the Foil - Race, we got our hands on the Foil - Contact bar. If you’re looking at taking up racing then the race bar has an adapted depower cleat set up to ensure you don't have to lean off your edge for even a second to tweak the power.

Sizes: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18m

The Bar

The bar system for the Chrono is a slightly adapted version of the standard Contact bar for the Ozone water kites. We see an additional landing handle added to the back lines making landing and securing your kite that much easier, something some brands don't include with their foils. That coupled with the included stake and you’re ready for a solo session.

Looking at other features of the bar we see; the ‘Megatron’ push-away release, which is incredibly simple to use, it’s clean and easy to reset. This activates a single line re-ride which is perfect for those sketchy times when you might need it. The integrated bar ends and floats are stylish and simple and don't make the bar bulky. The chicken loop is of a good size and if you require (for extra reach) different sizes are available, these can be used with either the ‘suicide’ mode or the regular safety option. The plastic coated centre line leads through to the simple smooth cleat depower system, with a bungee'd cord this stays well out of your way.

All in the entire bar is clean, simple and easy to use, one of the favourites in our book. The bar flows freely up and down the centre line at all angles and the ‘Megatron’ release has a built-in swivel to spin out your centre lines.

In The Air

Getting the Chrono inflated is super easy; just make sure you do up the zip at the back. We were so excited to get out on the first day of testing that we completely missed it! (Schoolboy error!) After that pin it down to your stake with a bit of sand, give it a couple of seconds whilst you get your harness on and you’re ready to go. Gone are the days of launching a foil with it semi-inflated and then getting flung down the beach as it opens out.

The feel from the Chrono is somewhat comforting, it’s insanely stable and even in winds as low as 6mph you will be trying your hardest to make it collapse. The Chrono feels incredibly similar to an LEI yet has all the benefits of a foil. The feel of the kite through the bar is solid yet responsive. The pressure on the bar is light, and turning is flowy or pivotal depending on the input you put in at the bar. The kite is fast through the sky and will tend to climb a lot further round than you expect, don't fear it will sit there and wait for you to catch up. Yes, we flew the 13m so it’s not the largest of the sizes, however the Chrono is very fast in comparison to older foils and some we still see on the market.

Lightwind performance on the Chrono was amazing, we got out foiling in as little as 6mph with no problems or instabilities in the kite. Just try to make a note of when the water goes completely glassy as it’s a long swim with a rather large sleeping bag when the wind hits zero! On that note, we must say as user friendly as the Chrono is it’s not for the inexperienced, there are some safety considerations (long swims with no buoyancy just for one example) while out at sea with a foil and shallower water/closer to shore would be recommend on your first few sessions.

“Easy, ultra stable, quick, responsive and great for boosts”

The upwind drive you can achieve from the Chrono is amazing, the difference between a standard LEI is phenomenal, a true asset for those foilboarding or racing. Just be prepared to hit some exciting speeds, the Chrono is incredibly fast on the water whether you are on a foilboard or twintip.

With the foilboard discipline advancing within kiting, it might be nice to see foils coming with variable line length bars. The extensions and line sets are available from Ozone, but the ability to have a 15m - 18m - 20m - 23m onwards set up ready to go from purchasing would be next level.

High winds are insanely fun on the Chrono whether you’re on a landboard boosting (it does get pretty scary) or out on the water doing speed runs and floating through the sky. The float is unreal in stronger winds on the Chrono - your grin will say it all!


Exceptional easy to use foil, ultra stable, quick through the sky, responsive and boosts if you want it to.


As a lightwind freeride foil kite there isn’t much to complain about here.


Testing the Chrono highlighted just how much foil kites have improved in 18 years. If you flew one years ago, but got put off when LEI’s started to get the edge then the Chrono is definitely worth a visit. The difference between fearing for your life all those years ago, to now having foil kites that are user friendly, ultra stable and fast with manageable power is unreal. The benefit of being out on the water when others can only dream is awesome - so many more sessions notched up! If you’re keen on the racing side of things too, then do check out the Ultralight Chrono V2.


This review was in Issue 61 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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