CORE Kiteboarding Free 9m 2016 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Free 9m 2016

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At A Glance

Founded in 2007 Core Kiteboarding have been advancing through the ranks at a rapid rate. Based in Germany, Core are highly reputed for their cutting edge technology and quality. With a growing kite range, Core brings the new Free to the table.

The Free is a 4-line, 3-strut, light framed, delta bow shape kite with an intelligent arc. Giving the Free solid upwind ability, insane boost, rapid turning as well as precision when powering and depowering at the bar. Perfectly suited for freeride, carving through the waves and dabbling at freestyle.

Tech and quality are something you won't be without when riding a Core Free. The 2016 Free features shorter bridles, giving you less potential for wingtip catches and more speed in the turns. Materials used across other kites in the Core range can be found on the Free, we see Exotex Dacron, Coretex triple ripstop, Grintex patches, speed pump system and the speed valve 2. These high-end materials make the Free feel incredibly robust and dependable while the speed pump and valve ensure you spend less time pumping, more time riding!

The Free can be customised via the CIT system; here you can alter bridle points on the kite to change the bar pressure and tension and the feedback we received from the kite. One change of a bridle point can alter the Free from a steady freeride cruiser to an ultra direct wave slasher.

Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5m

The Bar

Further customisation of your Core Free is available by selecting your choice of bar from the range. Compatible with the Sensor 2, 2S / 2S+ and 2S Pro you can get the setup you desire.

We headed out on the Sensor 2S and the Free as our choice combo. Boasting 24m 368kg lines, ceramic untwist system, rotor release, supported single front line safety, vario width bar ends and the sensor adjuster.

When out riding it doesn't take long to notice just how light the Sensor 2S bar feels in your hands. Within the first few movements of the kite, you'll find that the kite responds to every minute movement if you're looking for a slightly slower feel on your smaller sizes you can swap the vario end attachment point to change the effective bar size.

Depowering via the adjuster on the Core Sensor 2S is something you need not worry about, effortless to pull and bungees back in place to avoid any unnecessary tangles. For those with shorter arms, you can even adjust the length to the adjuster, bonus!

Safety is well thought out on the Sensor 2S with your centre lines always untwisting by just pulling the bar towards you; it was effortless. The supported single frontline release ensured full depower but didn’t leave the Free flapping around all day mid wind window.

Oodles of quality material go into the Core bar range too, but what else would you expect.

In The Air

The Free made its impact on us here; incredible sessions were had on this high-performance all-rounder.

When you first launch the Free, you're bound to be overwhelmed. The Free is ultra responsive and smooth to fly but don’t let this cloud your judgement it packs a punch when you want it too.

Putting the Free through its paces in the waves had two very different outcomes. Riding a surfboard you could reduce your turn input and depower enough to focus purely on your board or hammer it smashing the lip like a boss. As an all-around kite, the Free was super stable and drifts well when you're enjoying time down the line.

Swapping onto a twin tip, it became apparent just how versatile the Free is. Surely it wasn't the same session?! Huge jumps! Throw the Free to 12 and feel the power it generates. Charging the beach on the Free is like setting a wild animal out of a cage, it just wants to go. Pull the bar in for smooth delivery of a lot of power, when your ready to slow push that bar out and feel the Free relax and wait for the next exciting move. When it comes to trying some new moves or bringing back, some old cobweb-covered moves it has your back. The stability of this kite and forgiving nature makes hooked in tricks a breeze, leaving you more time to be stylish and give you more confidence when pushing that boosting bar higher.

Water relaunch is easy. Kites nowadays are getting considerably better at water relaunching, and this makes it into the list of top contenders. By the time you recover from the face plant you took trying your new move, the Free is sat waiting to pop up. If your unlucky or in big waves a slight tug on an outside line and its up ready to go!


Incredible high-end all-rounder. It’s super stable, smooth and responsive feel go hand in hand with the float, boosting ability and rapid turn speed. Comes with minimal plastic packaging and asks you to use the excess bag to clean your local beach, respect!


The rotor release system is different to the other systems on the market which use a push away release. However, the rotor system uses a more natural twist action which makes it ergonomically easier to release. As long as you familiarise yourself with this system first, you’ll be rewarded with a reliable and easy to use safety release system that negates any of the effects of water pressure suffered by the push away releases.


A superb kite for those looking for a one-kite-does-all setup. Don’t expect to be pulling the world's most insane kite loops, getting pitted or landing advanced unhooked manoeuvres on the Free. However for those of you looking to take your riding to the next level whether that be dabbling at riding a surfboard, getting creative with your hooked moves or adding a few extra feet to your jumps the Free will make this one pleasurable experience.


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By Robin and Sukie
With years of kite sport experience combined, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the highest quality of knowledge on the best equipment the industry has to offer.

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