CORE Kiteboarding Impact 2 2023 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Impact 2 2023

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Experience the ultimate unhinged machine. A genuine beast for wakestyle. A pure C with five lines. Its sleek ExoTex frame, deep C canopy, expanded trim options, and additional sizes amplify its explosive power. They have pushed the limits on this beauty by enhancing its speed and aspect ratios. Take the chance to try it out, and inform them of the impact it has on your riding.

The Impact 2 retains the classic C-shape you desire, with longer tips than the GTS4. As a result, expect a consistent and uniform pull for maximum pop, and reliably predictable slack for all your rotations and passes. This allows you to focus on your maneuvers without worrying about the kite. The Impact 2 now boasts a slightly higher aspect ratio in all sizes, improving its speed and wind range.

Genuine C-kites have square wingtips. The Impact 2 maintains this tradition by directly connecting the lines to its wide square wingtips, providing the direct connection expected from a true C-kite.

The only change here is that the V on the fifth line is slightly deeper, offering even more consistent power delivery and improved stability. It is a simple and direct line connection to the kite.

Dacron performance benchmark. ExoTex Dacron, a non-stretch fabric, incorporates a unique radial reinforcing thread pattern and protective coating process. This enables higher pressure airframes with smaller diameters. Particularly on C-kites, ExoTex enhances airflow, flight stability, and rider feedback by significantly increasing tube strength and rigidity while reducing diameters.

Exclusive to CORE, our industry-leading triple ripstop canopy fabric is protected and strengthened with a special coating process. CoreTex sets new standards in breaking strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection, and elongation.

The Speed Valve 2 directly connects to any standard 20mm OD twist lock pump hose. It maximizes airflow, minimizes inflation times, and noticeably reduces pump pressure. This inflation/deflation system is so efficient that you may even have the energy for an extra trick or two.

Fully inflated in no time. The Impact 2 features huge air hoses and strut valves, allowing unrestricted air flow. And when you haven't kited in a while, every second counts ๐Ÿ™‚

The classic and sturdy five-strut exoskeleton airframe is a critical component of the Impact 2's design. It controls and stabilizes the kite during rotations, resulting in predictable kite behavior.

The Impact's 5th line provides classic 5th line safety, remaining perfectly tensioned regardless of the trim adjuster cleat setting.

The Impact offers three backline and five frontline attachment points for customizable bar pressure and kite flying style.

Get the most out of your freestyle session. With its wide tips and small diameter front tube, the Impact 2 releases from the water better than you might expect. A couple of tugs on the backline are all you need to get the Impact 2 flying again, allowing you to spend more time perfecting your handle passes.

Although the Impact 2 is a 5-line kite, it is fully compatible with the Sensor 2, 2S, and Sensor 3 bar systems. These bar systems deliver precise kite control, unmatched safety, and clutter-free simplicity. The Impact 2 comes with a 5th line conversion kit for any Sensor 2, 2S, or 3 bar. The conversion process is quick and simple. However, please note that the Impact 2 is not compatible with older 4-line CORE bars.

Anti-wear patches are strategically placed on leading edge segment seams and struts to provide the Impact 2 with an additional level of protection from potential hazards on the beach.

The Impact 2 is fully compatible with the Sensor 2, Sensor 2S, and Sensor 3 bar systems: Sensor 2, Sensor 2+, Sensor Pro, Sensor 2S, Sensor 2S Pro, Sensor 3, Sensor 3 Pro, Sensor 3S, and Sensor 3S Pro.

CORE kites are built to withstand the test of time. Their legendary durability is backed by a six-year parts availability guarantee. They will stock all Impact 2 replacement parts for a minimum of six years.

Included in the package are an active 5th line conversion kit, custom backpack, manual, and repair kit.

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