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CORE Kiteboarding GTS 6 2023

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CORE's new Universal Series kite, the GTS6, is like a reliable friend that pushes riders beyond their comfort zones to limitless heights. This kite unlocks a wild side, providing incredible megaloop power and precise performance.

While the GTS6 is already well-known among the hardcore freestyle crowd, it's worth mentioning its exceptional performance in unpredictable winds. It effortlessly handles unexpected gusts during exciting downwinders and delivers exhilarating megaloops when unleashed.

So, what's new with the GTS6? The leading edge has been strengthened, and significant improvements have been made to the struts. The lighter and more robust struts have a larger diameter ExoTex Light construction, offering resistance to bending, reduced weight, and a more dynamic feel during loop maneuvers. Rest assured, all the beloved features of the GTS5 have been retained in the GTS6. Its three strut, Future-C canopy remains the core of the kite, ensuring impressive performance.

ExoTex Light Dacron, which incorporates a re-engineered radial thread pattern and protective coating, is now even lighter, offering the same benefits as the previous version. The larger diameter struts resist bending, save weight, and enhance the kite's driftability, which is crucial for freestylers and wave riders.

With its three struts, the GTS6 promotes increased twist, ensuring a stable canopy, and faster turns. Fewer struts reduce the overall weight of the kite, making it ideal for those seeking big air and a thrilling performance on the Bloubergstrand or the Slick.

Customization options make it possible to tailor the GTS6 to any riding style. Choose from three no-snag CIT (Conic Intelligent Turning) modes on the leading edge bridle connection points. Freestyle mode enhances turn radius, stability, and provides additional power for freestyle maneuvers. Wave mode ensures faster turning, increased depower, and a better experience for strapless board riders. The kite comes in Allround mode by default, offering excellent depower, power, and hangtime.

Fine-tune the steering speed and bar pressure by adjusting the steering line connection points to match your preferences. However, the kite comes ready to fly with the most common settings.

The GTS6 retains the beloved GTS C-kite feel that riders have come to adore. Its high aspect ratio and open C shape allow for smooth and controlled kiteloops and the distinctive "on-center" sensation. Paired with the new Sensor 3 bar, riders will instantly comprehend the GTS6's sweet spot and appreciate its responsive nature when sheeting in and out. Once you try a Future-C kite, you'll never go back.

CORE's no-stretch ExoTex Dacron on the leading edge guarantees higher pressure, improved airflow, flight stability, and excellent rider feedback. The unique radial seam construction eliminates bulges that disrupt airflow, offering a smooth and responsive experience on the GTS6.

Exclusive to CORE, the triple ripstop canopy fabric called CoreTex sets new standards in terms of breaking strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection, and elongation. Experience the tight, crisp signature only a CoreTex kite can deliver.

The GTS6 inherits cat-like reflexes from its square-ish, 'C-style' wingtips. The leading edge profile has been fine-tuned to provide confidence-inspiring reflexes, agility, and precise directional control.

The two pulley bridle system on the GTS6 is remarkably short, enhancing bar reaction, feel, and positional feedback. This feature is particularly advantageous for kiteloop enthusiasts navigating blind and inverted tricks.

The GTS6 features extreme abrasion-resistant patches on the leading edge segment seams and strut tips to ensure utmost protection against beach hazards.

The Speed Valve 2 on the GTS6 conveniently connects directly to any standard 20mm OD twist lock pump hose without requiring a special adapter. This inflation/deflation system maximizes airflow, minimizes inflation times, and reduces pumping effort. Inflating the kite fully becomes a quick and effortless process.

Swift relaunch is crucial when facing menacing waves or obstacles. The GTS6 has been designed to quickly find its optimal relaunch position. Wave riders will appreciate how easily the kite releases from the water with a quick tug, especially in time-sensitive situations. Freestylers will also benefit from this feature during rapid relaunches between tricks.

The GTS6 is optimized for CORE's ultralight Sensor bar systems, including the latest Sensor 3S. These bars offer precise kite control, unparalleled safety, and a clutter-free design. Discover more about the Sensor 3S's features, such as Live Wire, Stealth Winder, and the push-out quick release on CORE's website.

CORE kites are renowned for their durability. They come with a six-year parts availability guarantee, ensuring that GTS6 replacement parts will be stocked for a minimum of six years.

In addition to the kite, the GTS6 package includes a comfortable backpack, a manual, and a repair kit. LW models also come with 3m line extensions.

The GTS6 is fully compatible with CORE's Sensor 3 and Sensor 2 bar systems, including Sensor 2, Sensor 2+, Sensor Pro, Sensor 2S, Sensor 2S Pro, Sensor 3, Sensor 3 Pro, Sensor 3S, and Sensor 3S Pro.


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