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CORE Kiteboarding XR Pro 2024

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The XR Pro is a cutting-edge big air kite that has been completely redesigned and features the best airframe material on the market. Designed specifically for competitions, this kite is all about going higher, faster, and further than ever before.

Drawing inspiration from the XR series and incorporating the revolutionary Aluula material, the XR Pro boasts a distinctive design that enhances performance. Prepare to experience faster loops, earlier catching, and superior high wind performance that will take your maneuvers to the next level.

For those seeking maximum performance, the XR Pro dials up the radicalness by shifting the balance between sportiness and comfort in favor of extreme performance. This kite is ideal for big boosters and fearless kite loopers who are hungry for the ultimate thrill.

The XR Pro presents the stiffest airframe material available, Aluula, which allows for an even thinner leading edge and strut diameters compared to its predecessor, the XR8. With reduced air resistance, the XR Pro delivers lightning-fast kite speed. The stable 5-strut frame ensures minimal deformation and exceptional responsiveness to even the slightest steering input, resulting in direct and precise control. Furthermore, the XR Pro is 10% lighter than the XR8, thanks to CORE's commitment to utilizing Aluula without compromising on durability.

The exclusive CORE flying cloth used in the XR Pro is extremely low-stretch and highly robust, providing optimal support for the kite's power delivery, flight stability, and control. The cloth is enhanced with a special coating to enhance tear resistance and UV protection.

In terms of design, the XR Pro features a rear with a classic bow shape and a concave trailing edge, along with arrowed tips influenced by delta shapes. This flatter profile ensures exceptional flight speeds and unmatched high-end performance.

The XR Pro has instilled even greater confidence in its users, offering a precise and customizable flying experience with the CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM SYSTEM (CIT). With three different setting options, you can fine-tune the XR Pro to suit your preferences and external conditions.

The swept leading edge, stiff airframe, and lightweight construction make for effortless relaunching of the XR Pro. It is specifically designed to work seamlessly with CORE's Sensor 3S Bar, offering a unique bar feel and a range of innovative features that enhance performance, functionality, and safety.

The Speed Valve 2, integrated into the Leading Edge, ensures fast and efficient inflation with maximum air flow. This valve is built to last, with a durable and robust design.

The kite profile and bridle line construction of the XR Pro create a unique power delivery system. Pulling the bar spreads the kite's tips like wings, while pushing it away collapses them. This enables a more than ten percent change in the projected area, allowing for precise control over power delivery.

CORE prioritizes durability and protection through the use of extremely abrasion-resistant Grintex patches on all segment seams of the Aluula front tube and struts. These areas are well-protected against wear and tear on any surface.

Inflating and bleeding the XR Pro is quick and convenient, thanks to a single valve permanently incorporated into the front tube. The hoses connecting to the struts are tidy, lightweight, and optimally attached, ensuring a comfortable and efficient inflation process.

Joining the ranks of CORE's Sensor Pro Bar, the XR Pro sets a new standard for high-performance kites and wings. This demonstrates CORE's commitment to delivering exceptional capabilities, features, and quality.

Since 2013, CORE has been producing the "Pro" range, which signifies the use of premium materials, superior quality, and outstanding performance. The XR Pro is a testament to this legacy, delivering exceptional performance and design.

The XR Pro is fully compatible with CORE's Sensor 3 and Sensor 2 bar systems, including the Sensor 2, Sensor 2+, Sensor Pro, Sensor 2S, Sensor 2S Pro, Sensor 3, and Sensor 3 Pro.

CORE kites are renowned for their durability, and the XR Pro is no exception. To guarantee longevity, CORE provides a six-year parts availability guarantee and will stock all XR Pro replacement parts for a minimum of six years.

In addition to the kite, the XR Pro comes with a comfortable backpack, a manual, and a repair kit.

In summary, the XR Pro is a revolutionary big air kite that has been reimagined with the best airframe material, Aluula. With its exceptional performance, unique design, and compatibility with CORE's Sensor bar systems, the XR Pro offers unmatched power delivery, control, and confidence. CORE's commitment to durability ensures that the XR Pro will provide endless thrills for years to come.


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