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CORE Kiteboarding XR8 2024

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Experience unparalleled high ride comfort and control with the XR8 kite. They feature an ultra-stiff 5-strut frame in a Deltabow shape, allowing riders to achieve breathtaking jumps and the longest hang time. The XR8 guarantees explosive jump forces and superior upwind performance.

The kite's entire airframe has been fine-tuned with the significantly stiffer ExoTex 2 material, resulting in smaller leading edge and strut diameters. This makes the kite more agile and responsive with better bar feedback. Loops are more efficient with an earlier and smoother catch, thanks to the CoreTex 2 canopy cloth. It provides a highly durable and low-stretch canopy for unparalleled flight stability, power, and control.

Crafted with durability and strength in mind, the XR8 materials excel beyond industry standards. ExoTex 2 offers an 80% increase in tear resistance, while CoreTex 2 boasts an impressive 300% increase. These enhancements ensure first-class performance in every session. Zara Hoogenraad, Vice Kitesurfing World Champion Big Air, attests to the XR8's exceptional performance.

The XR8's leading edge features the stiffer and lighter ExoTex 2, which has an 80% increase in tear resistance. It represents an advanced development in polyester weaving for greater durability. The entire airframe utilizes ultra-strong yarns for a tight woven structure, undergoing a unique heating and shrinking process.

Combined with the CoreTex 2 canopy cloth, the XR8 delivers light weight performance, dynamic handling, and core strength. The canopy fabric is significantly lighter with improved tear resistance, stiffness, and durability. A new coating process aids stability in high winds and jumps. CoreTex 2 sets the standard in strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection, and elongation.

The XR8 features ExoTex Light dacron, which reduces mass by approximately 10%. The Ultra resistant ExoTex 2 is used for the leading edge, while ExoTex Light struts improve drifting and turning speed, making it perfect for freestylers and wave riders.

The five-strut exoskeleton frame provides exceptional stability to manage the increased power generated by the Intelligent Arc system. Its bombproof design enhances performance in high wind conditions.

By reducing the diameter of the leading edge and struts, the XR8 achieves optimal stiffness and twist ratio for better control. This results in a more agile and responsive kite, providing riders with a pronounced turning pleasure.

The CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM SYSTEM (CIT) offers three setting options to adjust the XR8 to personal preferences and external conditions. Experiment with flight characteristics at the leading edge, turning characteristics at the tips, and backline tension and kite feedback at the connection points.

The XR8 combines the concave trailing edge of a traditional bow kite with the swept-back wings of a delta kite for maximum performance. The Intelligent Arc modifies the airfoil on demand, increasing wingspan with a pull on the bar and folding in its wings when sheeting out. The XR8 offers instant relaunch and excellent driftability.

The Speed Valve 2 easily connects to any standard twist lock pump hose, maximizing airflow and minimizing inflation times. The extreme abrasion-resistant patches on the leading edge segment seams and strut tips provide additional security.

The XR8 is optimized for CORE's ultralight Sensor bar system, offering precise kite control and unbeatable safety features. The kites are built to last with a six-year parts availability guarantee. The XR8 comes with a comfortable backpack, manual, and a repair kit.


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