Liquid Force Kites NV v9 12m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Liquid Force Kites NV v9 12m 2019

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At A Glance

With a wakeboarding background Liquid Force make some awesome boards and have some seriously good kites in the stable to compliment them too. One model that has undergone another refinement and update is the NV v9.

The NV v9 is a 3-strut high performance freestyle kite that aims to excel at freeride and wakestyle too.

For the 9th version the NV comes with a new airframe design, Teijin Triple Ripstop fabric, Tension trailing edge and an increased leading edge diameter.

The NV v9 comes in 5 different colourways and is compatible with the Mission Control V2 control systems.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15m

The Bar

The Mission Control system V2 is a refinement of its predecessor. However, we see a major addition in a new Compact 40-46cm variant as well as the standard 49-55cm bar. To the general kiter bar size isn’t so much of a worry, however for the riders throwing down passes on 7m kites it’s pretty important. The smaller bar can also change the feel of a kite. With this update, there’s the addition of a stainless bushing through the centre of the bar, and a high visibility orange left-hand side bar end.

We got to head out on the Compact version of the bar. The bar itself is noticeably smaller in your hands; great for those riders who like a smaller bar or for the smaller size kites in your quiver.

The bar itself is comfortable, a good diameter and looks clean and simple. The depower cleat is very easy to use and runs smoothly; the integrated magnet keeps any excess depower trim tucked out of the way too. The thicker centre line runs freely through the centre of the bar and new insert. There is a tremendous amount of throw available on the bar, and the range of depower created is vast.

The safety system is again clean and simple, very quick and easy to reset, the new style swivel works like a dream too.
The Mission Control V2 can be converted to be used with 5th line kites too should you wish.

“Ultra-stable throughout unhooked moves”

In The Air

Upon launching it becomes apparent how different the v9 NV feels to previous models. The kite is very solid in the air. The NV handles gusty conditions very well and remains stable at all times. The feedback from the bar is very direct and the medium bar pressure is ideal.

Turning from the kite is responsive and the kite travels through the window quickly. Turns are fairly open, however you can crank the kite into some tighter turns when needed. The kite has plenty of drive towards the edge of the wind window for easy upwind riding but can be sank back for those wanting a deeper more grunty ride.

The kite has ample amounts of power and this is readily felt through the bar. The range of depower is vast for this style of kite, nothing like we would see on a wave specific kite, but plenty there for those times when you’re coming in hot and need to dump some juice. The kite remains responsive throughout most of the bars travel, however the Mission Control V2 does have a large throw, which is at times slightly longer than needed for a higher performance kite.

The kite provides tons of lift and has an explosive jumping experience with plenty of float. The feedback through the bar allows you to be perfectly in tune with where the kite is at all times. Looping the NV v9 was smooth and steady, no major catapult on the 12m, but we expect the smaller sizes to fire you forwards.

The NV v9 provides brilliant amounts of slack when performing unhooked moves, the kite likes to be sat back in the window before it fires out to the edge. The kite is controllable during your moves and catches without becoming unstable and starting to collapse.

Relaunch on the NV is good, not as easy as a basic model but we’re not looking for relaunch capabilities here, let’s face it.


The v9 NV certainly boasts a higher performance than the previous models and comes with a tighter more direct feedback. Ultra-stable throughout unhooked moves.


All positive feedback from us in regards to the NV v9. Working alongside the NV, with its freestyle and unhooked nature we feel the grip on the Mission Control V2 could be more aggressive. Maybe we will see a wakestyle bar with a shorter throw in future?


Liquid Force have been putting in some serious work on their latest kites. Whether it’s the new trailing edge, airframes or a combo of all the new features it’s certainly made a difference. The NV v9 is a fantastic bit of kit, it excels at a variety of riding styles for those of us who like to mix it up. It’s got tons of performance yet remains controllable at all times, suiting a range of different riding levels. With the addition of new materials and designs the construction of the kite looks solid and built to last.


This review was in Issue 72 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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