CORE Kiteboarding Section2 8m 2018 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Section2 8m 2018

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At A Glance

CORE’s wave specific kite the Section is back for round 2. Undergoing some important refinements, CORE have made even more weight saving tweaks and profile amendments to produce a kite which they claim will not hold you back in the gnarliest of breaks. In fact, the Section2 uses the least amount of Dacron in any of COREs kites, to create a super lightweight and efficient kite for the waves.

The Section2 is a three strut kite with a future C shape that is ever so slightly flatter than its brother the GTS, which will produce better drift for down the line riding. The bridle on the Section2 has been dramatically shortened to create a far more direct feel through the bar, and the wing tip shape has been refined and optimised for wave riding performance.
CORE have implemented their Surf Profile on the Section2, which lowers the aspect ratio of the kite, and shifts the maximum draft further back to aid that all-important drift.

As usual with CORE, the Section2 is made to an exceptionally high standard. The canopy is made with CORETEX triple ripstop for incredible strength, and beneath this is the proven ultralight frame which keeps the kite stable at all times. There is an extra large inflate/deflate valve, the Speed Valve 2, which doesn’t even require a specific nozzle, just put the pump hose directly in and go. EvoTex ultra-rigid Dacron is used throughout the frame of the kite keeps the leading edge and struts super skinny for fast flight and a tight turning radius.

Sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12LW,14LW meters

The Bar

There are a range of Sensor Bars available from Core; they are all compatible with the Nexus, so the choice you need to make will be based on price and features. Both the Sensor 2 and Sensor 2s bars feature a titanium core which is exceedingly light, an above the bar depower 4 to 1 depower system which makes trimming a breeze and the Rotor quick release.

Bucking the trend of the “push away” release system the Rotor is designed as a twist release. The thinking is that we use our hands for twisting lots of things, whereas the action of pushing away is quite an alien movement. In addition to this, the Rotor twist system is hindered by water pressure.

Believe it or not when you are getting dragged by an out of control kite through the water it is sometimes impossible to push away thanks to the forces exerted on the system by the water being driven into it. I’ve witnessed this first hand, and it can be pretty scary.

However, it is essential to familiarise yourself with this safety system before you use it as it is different and you need to ensure the action to release is second nature. The Rotor works exceedingly well and is also relatively simple to re-engage too.

The new Sensor 2S bar adds some extra features over the Sensor 2. Namely ceramic untwist bearings, Tectanium S-Slide depower lines to reduce wear and the S-Neck connection between the lines and the chicken loop which is specially shaped to provide more symmetrical the pulling forces on the lines.

All of these features combine to make a superior bar to the standard Sensor 2. However, they do add costs, so it is good to have choices. We rode the kite with the Sensor 2 S Pro, the bar for those that have to have everything! The Pro version features a carbon fibre bar with titanium reinforcements that weighs just 200g.

It also adds full Tectanium lines, which are thinner, and 50% stronger than the standard lines. Exclusively developed by Liros for Core they are 400% more resistant to stretching than standard Dyneema lines. Shipped with 18m lines with two extensions this set up allows you to choose between four different line lengths. 18m 20m 22 and 24m.

The Pro bar is the Rolls Royce in their set up; it is incredibly light and beautifully crafted. We love the coated depower lines of the 2S and 2S Pro options and the auto untwist feature which untwists any lines just by sheeting the bar in is fantastic. All the Core bars are well finished and put together, so whatever your price bracket you know you get something very functional.

“The Section2 will certainly have you searching out the biggest waves you can find”

In The Air

Whereas a few years ago wave kites were all about big depower for radical turns and pivotal turning, we are now seeing the emergence of strapless freestyle and a kite which will accommodate this as well as the more traditional down the line riding. The Section2 fits the bill brilliantly for both styles, and this more direct feel enhances the wave-riding experience with the kite.

We had the Section2 out in a range of conditions and were suitably impressed every time. In stronger winds, we loved how manageable the power is; no pulling you off the front of your board or erratic surges of power. The depower through the cleat here is excellent and didn’t alter the feel of the kite in any way which does often happen when flying the kite fully depowered.

The feedback from the bar we would describe as positive; not pulling your arms out, but still firm enough to be connected without having to look to see where your kite is the whole time!

The drift with the Section2 is fantastic, and even in lighter winds, it behaved brilliantly thanks to the lightweight nature of the kite. On this note, it would also make an excellent kite to foil with as it performs well in what we would consider ‘underpowered’ conditions.

The kite flies quickly and responds instantly to what you ask of it. The power is smooth in delivery, and even when looping the kite through a big turn, you stay connected and don’t feel as though you will be ripped off your board.

For down the line wave riding, we were impressed with of course the drift, but also the nimble handling of the kite with only the smallest tweak on the bar to keep the position or to move as you wish.

The Section2 we also found was a blast for some strapless freestyle. There is usable lift without flying off into the atmosphere, and the power stays with you all the way through your redirect.

The impending relaunch comes with ease, and the Section2 is one for the auto-relaunch category! So much so that we had trouble getting it to sit directly downwind of us for long enough to have to use a line to steer it round! This is perfect in the waves when you want to avoid a 10ton bomb landing on your head.


CORE’s exceptional build quality coupled with a direct and responsive kite, which you can almost forget about when attacking a wave.


No real complaints here; just bear in mind this is a very specific kite with wave riding and strapless in mind.


CORE spend their time refining their kites, and the Section2 is no different. A more polished kite, everything is performed with precision and control with no erratic behaviour. The Section2 will undoubtedly have you searching out the biggest waves you can find knowing that it has your back the entire time.


This review was in Issue 69 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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